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Caution urged for Prom Night

Emergency services chief resigns post

Four days, three fatal crashes

A Clarksville teen died Friday in Buffalo Junction wreck, the first of three deadly car crashes in Mecklenburg County in the past week.


Double play





Bible Study by Dena Stevens for Nov. 21, 2013 / November 20, 2013
Ezek. 33:19 “But if the wicked turn from his wickedness, and do that which is lawful and right, he shall live thereby.” This is about repentance and forgiveness. If a wicked person tries their best to live right, repents and asks God for forgiveness, He will forgive them and put them in good standing. No matter how big a sinner you have been, if you truly repent of those sins and sincerely ask God’s forgiveness, He will grant it. No longer will you be just a sinner. You will be, as the rest of us, a sinner saved by His grace.

Ezek.33:20 “Yet ye say,’ The way of the Lord is not equal.’ O ye house of Israel, I will judge you every one after his ways.” Sin is sin, and God is not a respecter of persons. Unrepentant sinners will be judged for their wrong-doings, no matter who they are. This is “equal”. We get what we deserve. If we neglect or reject God’s warnings and fail to repent and ask His forgiveness, we suffer the consequences. But, if our works are righteous, God is careful to reward us for them. That’s the way fairness works. Judgment day is the time for rewards for things done for God while in the flesh, as well as being a time for judgment of sins against Him.

Ezek. 33:21 “And it came to pass in the twelfth year of our captivity, in the tenth month, in the fifth day of the month, that one that had escaped out of Jerusalem came unto me, saying, “The city is smitten.” Ezekiel is very specific in noting the time this event happened. They had been in captivity for twelve years when, on the fifth day of the tenth month, a man who had escaped from Jerusalem arrived with the news that the city of Jerusalem had been taken by Nebuchadnezzar. The prophecies of the preceding chapters were given to Ezekiel before this twelfth year.

Ezek. 33:22 “Now the hand of the Lord was upon me in the evening, afore he that was escaped came; and had opened my mouth, until he came to me in the morning; and my mouth was opened, and I was no more dumb.” This event had been prophesied to Ezekiel earlier (Ezek. 24:26-27). God told Ezekiel (29:21) that the time would come when he would be given the go-ahead to return to prophesying. Now that prophecy has been fulfilled. The Holy Spirit visited Ezekiel the night before the escapee came, and told him that the time had come to start prophesying again.

Ezek. 33:23 “Then the word of the Lord came unto me, saying”, (24) “Son of man, they that inhabit those wastes (ruins) of the land of Israel speak, saying, ‘Abraham was one, and he inherited the land: but we are many; the land is given us for inheritance.” God gave the message to Ezekiel to give to the people, “Tell them that Abraham was just one man, and I gave the land to him as an inheritance from Me. Today, Abraham’s descendants are many and the land will be passed to his descendants for their inheritance.”

Ezek. 33:25 “Wherefore say to them, ‘Thus saith the Lord God; ‘Ye eat with the blood, and lift up your eyes toward your idols, and shed blood: and shall ye possess the land?” God has seen the people participating in idol worship, in which they would eat meat offered to idol. He is asking if they expect to possess the Promised Land after rejecting Him for their false gods.

In their present state, they are unfit and unworthy to own the land or this great promise. In His Word, God had warned against worshiping idols, or anything other than God, Himself. Besides this, they had been given strict instructions in the proper way to prepare their meat for food, the first step being to bleed the animal. Blood that remains in the animal’s veins causes the meat to decompose faster.

This step was very important for health reasons, especially in those days before refrigeration and freezers.

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