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Kathy’s Column for March 12, 2009 / March 10, 2009
WHEN DIFFICULTIES ARISE BETWEEN PEOPLE TEMPERS SOMETIMES FLARE, AND PEOPLE GET ANGRY... but the following words from B.T. Washington deserve thought and pondering from all of us. “I shall allow no man to depress and belittle my soul by making me hate him!” Again it always comes down to us doesn’t it, we are the only ones in control of our lives. Hopefully this kind of thinking will be a great help in today’s difficult times, and we will all pull together to help and change all these current problems and situations in a big way. Whether job related, foreclosure related, bank problems or a myriad of other happenings we must get together and do our individual parts.

WE MUST ACT AS A TEAM, GRANTED IT WILL BE A HUGE TEAM... and will consist of everyone who lives in our country, but we can make a huge difference , I promise. “Trust is the emotional glue that holds every team together... in times of trial, it transforms a group of committed individuals into a team of individuals committed to each other.” We truly can’t blame Washington for all of that is wrong, can we? I think there is enough blame for at least a tiny bit to latch on to each of us. What I’m referring to is each of us getting those old fashioned values and those old timey ideas back in the forefront of what we do each day, where we go each day, what we think we need each day versus want we want each day, and how we treat others each day. Many times lately I can’t help but think of the simple and wonderful life I lived in South America among people who most always only had their needs in mind. They didn’t have time or resources to have those things they thought they wanted. No, they were too busy just doing the things that were needed and then getting their enjoyment from being able to have a meal that day or a place to lay their head at night. And yet, when I think of sharing I can’t help but remember that they were always kind and willing to help each other, us included. in spite of the fact they had no stored up or extra possessions of any kind.

OVER THE MANY YEARS I’VE WRITTEN THIS COLUMN, YOU ALL KNOW HOW OFTEN I’VE QUOTED... the legendary Paul Harvey, radio commentator. I will miss that strange and unique voice along with the millions of others who enjoyed his wisdom and his humor. One thing everyone will miss I’m sure are those famous words... “And now you know the rest of the story.” Isn’t it good to know that now he is experiencing...the rest of his story and that he is reunited once again with his wife whom he loved with all his heart and who also left this earth not too very long ago. He was 90 years young and that alone can give each of us a renewed hope and joie de vivre. (joy of life, somehow the French version always sounds better to me.)

AT MY CHURCH WE HAVE A WONDERFUL NEW YOUTH DIRECTOR... person and it is so amazing to see the things she has come up with to get our youth interested in some good projects and ways to show their love and friendship to others. Her mission of the week last week was for the youth to do something nice and unexpected for someone they loved and also for someone they didn’t particularly like. All she is waiting for now is to have them share with her what happened and what they learned from the experience. Great job, Niki, we can all learn from you. “The beauty of friendship is that it’s a celebration, not of what we do, but of who we are and how we share our humanity with another soul.” Harvey L. Rich, M.D., author of “Celebrating the Everyday; in the Moment.”

TIME FOR ANOTHER OF THE CUTE LITTLE IDEAS I’VE READ LATELY TO SEE HOW SHARP OUR... minds still are. This one claims that everyone with only a few exceptions will answer the riddle the same. Quickly, without stopping to think for a moment or to plan anything, name— just as they pop into your mind — a color, any number from one to ten, a flower, and a fruit. I did it, and I only had one where I didn’t name what everyone else says. I’ll give you the answers in a little bit.

IN AN ARTICLE DATED NOVEMBER, 1971... the author went to a national super market to get prices on a number of items that were said to be the lowest prices in town on those particular things. He then went on to add up the total cost per year for a person buying them. Cigarettes were 45 cents per package and assuming the smoker used one pack a day the total for the year would have been $163..80. T.V. “Munchers” as he put it along with one drink would easily come to 50 cents per evening of television watching, which would then come to $182.00 per year. From his observance couples ate out at least once a week with an average restaurant bill of $7.50 per week with tips so the yearly total would come to $390. Then he said the American way of life now meant taking a coffee break and since that would cost at least 15 cents per cup and that most likely the person would also want something to go along with it like candy, cookies or a piece of pie and doing that would increase the total by at least another 10 cents. Total amount was $130 per year because most people would do this twice a day. Quickly a few more of his findings, going to a movie for two once a week would add $208 and going to a ball game could range from $3 to $15 per game. Football, he said, could cost as much as $36 for six games and a golfer would pay at least $6 per round of golf each week. There were so many more examples, but I know that, like me, by now you must be feeling this is so out of today’s kind of prices for the same items that why would we even think about it. Here is why, because at the end of the article the last thing mentioned was the fact that getting a newspaper every week could add another $44.20 to their total spending for the year. As you can see, purchasing our newspaper, The News and Record, in 2009 is still way less per year and seems to be the only thing the whole article said that can make us feel great. I found that to be extremely interesting and rather wonderful, don’t you? He went on to say that the above were just mostly selfish and foolish pleasures that profit little and that we should really think before spending our money on them. I, for one, know that getting our newspaper doesn’t fall into the category of selfish and foolish, and that most likely there are many of the others that don’t either? Was it really that recent that those kinds of prices were in existence?

HERE ARE THE ANSWERS I PROMISED PREVIOUSLY... red, five, rose, and apple. Five is not my favorite number so why would I have said that, otherwise I was right on and after all I do so enjoy being a bit quirky and out of the ordinary at times, don’t we all?

TIME TO MENTION AN ALL TIME FAVORITE ONE MORE TIME... “Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events: Small minds discuss people.” -copied. Time again to think about that and to work on just being great. My friend Vilma shared that with me many years ago and it remains an all time favorite, thanks to her again.

EVERY ONCE IN AWHILE I COME ACROSS SOMETHING PERTAINING TO THE “MY ONE VOTE DOESN’T COUNT THEORY”... and again I am amazed at what I find. Did we know that the state of Texas became part of the U.S. by only one vote? And, did we know that California, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon were admitted to the Union by also only one vote. Here is the one I enjoyed the most, it was only one vote that determined that Americans would speak English rather than German, and to think I had the perfect family to teach me as they all spoke German with much love and practiced it on a daily basis.

HOW IS THIS FOR AN ILLUSTRATION OF TRUE LOVE... A gentleman was talking about the fact that his grandpa courted his grandma until the day he died. He said he once asked her how she always seemed to know what grandpa was thinking and what he wanted . She replied, “I have a special ear right here”, and then smiling she covered her heart with her hand. More good advice to turn our countries’ problems around, maybe thinking with our hearts will do more than has been accomplished thus far?

I ALMOST FORGOT... for a night of great entertainment please attend the Kirby theater in Roxboro for a real treat with an evening of Jazz ,from the Frank Kimbrough Trio who along with Micheal Brown will perform a lovely program entitled, “Sound and Sight II” on Saturday, March 14 at 7:30 p.m. Call 336-597-1709 for tickets and information.


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