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Kathy’s Column for March, 5, 2009 / March 03, 2009
HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHY AN "X" STANDS FOR A KISS I know I have so when I found out the answer, I thought I had better share it with my friends. It seems that it grew out of medieval legal practices. In order to indicate good faith and honesty in those days, the sign of St. Andrew, which was a cross, was put at the end of letters and notes. It was placed after the signature on all legal documents which then made it a binding agreement. Then the signer was also required to kiss the document to further guarantee his being faithful to his obligations. Many times the cross was drawn so quickly that it was tilted and looked like the letter "X". Over the centuries everything but the fact that there was a kiss in the equation was forgotten and no longer used to insure the pledge of good faith. As we all know the "X" has remained as a kiss, now I wonder where exactly did that "O" come from....? X, X, X'S AND O, O, O'S TO YOU ALL.

ANOTHER MIRACLE PLANE STORY LAST WEEK... however there were fatalities this time, but no where near what could have happened. When one hears a statement like that we must always keep in mind that for the families and friends that did lose someone, it makes no difference how many did or didn't die because they were so sadly affected by the accident themselves. We must be super sensitive to those hurting and trying to deal with their pain whenever we talk about miracles that happened to so many but not to their special loved one. Also, last week I was personally involved in an accident, and in this case the miracles were for all of us involved. A young man on a motorcycle, (also present two of his friends on their bikes) didn't see us and turned right into us as we were traveling to Durham in our car. As accidents always do, it happened so fast there was no way to stop it. Then when seeing him literally fly off his bike and see them both land in the road one's heart stops for that second and then prayer comes quickly to our lips. Seeing him get up, badly bruised but not anywhere near what could have happened takes away any anger or questions that first may have occurred. He admitted that he just didn't see our car, and that he did make an illegal turn from the fast lane right into us. As it turns out, we now seem to have a new friend who appreciates us so much because we didn't get angry with him. After all, it is only a car and that can be fixed but a life can't be replaced no matter what one does. We are most grateful for our combined miracle.

I'VE OFTEN SPOKEN ABOUT MY HUSBAND... attending an old fashioned one room schoolhouse for his first eight years of school. He never minded a thing about it and has always extolled all the good points he felt he got because of it. When I read a letter from long ago pertaining to this kind of education from someone who didn't like it, I quickly perused the letter to see why they didn't. To my surprise, they liked everything about it but one simple fact and that was that everyone had to share the same classroom dipper which stayed in a bucket of water used for their daily drinking. Of course I quickly asked my husband if that was true at his school but he assured me that in Wisconsin at Grant School they had a water bubbler (which is what those of us from Wisconsin call a water fountain) located in the basement. So, he still claims that his education was the best, and who am I to disagree? Now I wonder about two other things, did he carry a half-gallon tin bucket with his lunch in it? I would imagine his answer would be a resounding "no," and that he had either a Roy Rogers or Gene Autry lunch pail like the guys at my school had. I've also read that boys and girls were lined up in separate rows outside when the bell rang. They also sat on opposite sides of the room and when a boy was bad he had to sit on the girlsí side. I figure the answer to that would be that if it did happen he would have loved to sit with the girls and that it wouldn't have occurred to him that he was being punished. The lady who wrote the letter said the girls hated it when a boy sat with them and some even cried, while the rest of the class laughed and the culprit just snickered. (Times havenít changed all that much, have they?)

I RECENTLY HAD ONE OF THOSE AWFUL.... nights when I watched the clock from three oíclock on and couldnít fall back to sleep. Then today I found out someoneís favorite saying which would have helped Iím sure. "The easiest way to get back to sleep is to count your blessings instead of your problems." So simple, but I have a feeling it just might have worked. Usually when I lie awake itís because I'm thinking of all the things I need to do to get organized or caught up, and again they most likely aren't what I would consider my blessings. You know what I mean, clean out the closets, clean the refrigerator, clean the stove, wash the walls, wash the windows, etc. etc... I must share one more favorite saying, "Some things are loved because they are valuable; others are valuable because they are loved." Iím thinking that making lists about being valuable would also be a great way to fall back to sleep. Next time I have that kind of night I can't wait to try out these cures.

ARE YOU AWARE OF THE GREATEST DIFFERENCE... between young folks and old folks.? Ann Landers once said that the following words sum it up, "Young folks like to talk about the future because they don't have much of a past, and old folks like to talk about the past because they don't have much of a future." So be it, and I'm going to pretend I'm somewhere right in the middle as Iíve had much happen in the past, but I'm no where near thinking that I don't have much future, and I'm looking forward to the rest of the journey.

I WAS RECENTLY READING AN ARTICLE ABOUT WELL KNOWN... fires that have happened throughout history. When it talked about the great Chicago fire in 1871 which ended up killing 300 people of course I had heard of it, haven't we all? Then, the article went on to say that there was another fire that very same day in a small town named Peshtigo in Wis. and that more than 1,500 people were killed in that. I can't remember hearing about the Wisconsin one, but my husband said of course he had, and credited it once again with the fantastic education he had in his one room schoolhouse. I wonder maybe we need to go back to that concept?

I'M NOT ASKING MY HUSBAND IF HE KNOWS THE ANSWER TO THE FOLLOWING BECAUSE BY NOW YOU KNOW, JUST LIKE I DO... that he will say exactly where he heard it and it begins with in my one-room school... "Having an ax to grind," is a saying weíve all heard but where did it originate? Well I was surprised to learn that it is attributed to Benjamin Franklin. One time he was approached by a stranger who stopped to admire the family grindstone. He asked if Benjamin could show him how it worked and offered him an ax to demonstrate. Once the ax was sharpened, the stranger took it and walked away laughing. Franklin didnít totally lose out however as he then came up with the saying which in essence means someone having a hidden motive behind the actions they take.

CAN YOU NAME TEN PARTS OF THE HUMAN BODY (NO SLANG WORDS) THAT HAVE ONLY THREE LETTERS?...The answer sheet said that almost everyone will get at least seven but hardly any will get more than that. The first time I was a bit shy of that number seven, but then glancing very quickly at the answers I got some more ideas. Think about it for awhile, the answers will follow shortly. Where do you fit and maybe I should add where did you go to school?

GOOD CHARACTER INCLUDES SO MANY QUALITIES... a couple of the hardest to display, at least in my estimation, are practicing patience when everyone around is hurried and frantic, or showing gentleness, when those around are harsh and cruel. Here are the ten body parts, did you get at least seven? Eye, ear, leg, toe, gum, hip, lip, rib, jaw, and arm.
FROM A BOOK ENTITLED "THE SPICE OF LIFE"... "We're not primarily put on this earth to see through one another, but to see one another through."


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