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Caution urged for Prom Night

Emergency services chief resigns post

Four days, three fatal crashes

A Clarksville teen died Friday in Buffalo Junction wreck, the first of three deadly car crashes in Mecklenburg County in the past week.


Double play





Kathy’s Column for Nov. 15, 2012 / November 13, 2012
I’M QUITE SURE THAT WE ARE ALL GLAD, REGARDLESS OF WHOM WE VOTED FOR … to finally have the election over with. Actually everyone I’ve spoken with agrees with that along with the facts that the ads and robo calls are over, for a while at least. Now, we all need to continue to hope as “Hope is the ability to hear the music of the future.”-copied I personally feel that the majority of those who ran for office are also full of hope for our country’s future, so it should be a win, win situation. HOPE!

THE BEAUTY OF THE OUTDOORS … in its lovely and varied colors is hard to describe. This morning very early, while looking out at the golden sunrise turning all our trees golden I was saddened to see one of our “deer” residents, also golden in color, arrive for his early morning breakfast with a broken leg. He was literally hopping on three legs and stumbling around the yard, making me feel bad that at times I have been angry at him for eating my gardens, both flowers and vegetables. I assume he must have been hit by a vehicle when he wandered out on the highway, and that reminds me of the deer that recently ran into the side of my husband’s car in South Boston and ended up denting it. Six of one, half a dozen of the other seems to apply, sorry for me or sorry for one of God’s creatures? “Doubt is often the beginning of wisdom.”-Scott Peck

IT IS DIFFICULT TO GET OUR MINDS AROUND THE FACT … that Hurricane Sandy was one of the worst storms ever in our nation’s history and that there are still people hurting beyond anything we can comprehend. Our hearts and minds want to help and we can show that by doing something, anything. Of course those who lost a loved one is the absolute worst and I ask us all to pray for the survivors of such an horrendous hurt. Please let us all get in touch with someone personally or an organization who knows of a need to be met, remembering that real generosity and love and caring is shown best by doing and not expecting a “reward”. In other words don’t do something and then brag about it but rather do it so the recipient will never find out who his good Samaritan was.

WE’VE RECENTLY CELEBRATED VETERAN’S DAY … that very special day when we say thank you to our veterans, both past and present who have given us the wonderful gift of freedom and therefore the best country in the world. Thank you we appreciate what each of you have done for this great nation and even though words alone may seem trite the tugging at our heartstrings when seeing a military person and the tears in our eyes says volumes. I’m sure it’s the same for each of us as we shake someone’s hand or pat them on the shoulder thanking them, we suddenly are at a loss for words and our body language has to say it all. We must be humble enough to appreciate greatness, and human enough to be thoughtful of our military personnel.

C.S. LEWIS WROTE AND I QUOTE … “God whispers to us in our pleasures; He speaks to us in our work; He shouts at us in our pain.” Our main job is not to ignore Him.

WHAT MAKES FOR A PERFECT LONG WEEKEND … could it be a group of friends at the beach where the weather was at its absolute best, and meaningful friendships prevailed, YES. I just had such a weekend and it was altogether lovely. The words of the well known bugle song, TAPS say it best as to how I felt, “Day is done, gone the sun From the lake, (from the ocean), from the hills, from the sky Safely rest, all is well! God is nigh.”-author unknown

AS ONE AGES IT IS EASY TO LOSE THE WONDER OF OUR SURROUNDINGS …, as children we are wide eyed and full of wonder and excitement but as we age we tend to lose some of that could it be because of our getting smarter and more analytical I believe it is. Wonder, it is something we must cultivate in our lives no matter what our chronological age might be. The great thing is that it is available to everyone and at no cost, we can be rendered speechless and amazed as long as we allow ourselves the luxury. The following words from Mark Twain might also be helpful, “To be satisfied with what I have is truly wealth.”

TIME FOR A BIT OF HUMOR … from a favorite magazine, Reader’s Digest entitled “Lost in Translation.” “ I served as an interpreter for a group of Americans touring Moscow. I swapped stories with a native interpreter who insisted that English-to Russian translation is trickier because of our heavily idiomatic speech. The previous Sunday, she said, a colleague of hers had to translate the sermon of a visiting pastor from South Carolina. When the minister stated, “I’m just tickled to death to be here,” the Russian translator thought frantically for a moment, then rendered in Russian, “Scratch me till I die.” That reminds me of some of the problems I encountered while living in South America, as it’s hard to realize that not every country has or uses the same expressions to relate various feelings, and it’s best to remember that at all times.

THANKSGIVING, ONE OF THE LOVLIEST HOLIDAYS OF THE YEAR IS ALMOST HERE … and I would hope that all of us would very easily find and innumerate things we are most thankful for. Fifteen years ago I wrote an article on this auspicious holiday and would like to share a few of the things that continue to mean a lot to me. In 1623, Governor William Bradford of Plymouth, Mass.set aside this special day for prayer and celebration. After a year of both happiness and sadness, this particular day requires us to dwell on the good, and that is what Thanksgiving must mean. Then in 1863 President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed the last Thursday in November as a day of thanks giving and praise to God. Finally in 1941, Congress declared it the day in which to celebrate as a nation this day of thankfulness and praise. Things are wonderful to have, but if we really take time to be grateful we realize that life’s true blessings are the people in our lives who make the difference. Sweet memories never fade, they only become more meaningful and to cherish and treasure them by sharing them with others is one way in which to do just that. As we focus on what we are grateful for, we must keep in mind that it is important for us to do for others who in turn can be grateful for something we have had a part in also. We could even make this holiday last for the entire week by spending time remembering good things that have happened to us to mold us into the type of person we have continued to become throughout the past year. We can also dedicate ourselves to make it the most meaningful Thanksgiving thus far.


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