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Kathy’s Column for Nov. 1, 2012 / October 31, 2012
IT’S TIME FOR ANOTHER COLUMN, AND IT’S ALSO THE BEGINNING OF THE SECOND TO LAST MONTH OF THE YEAR … Today is the day that will be remembered as the last Monday of the month when the “Perfect Storm” gathered strength for what appears to be the worst ever storm to hit the Eastern seaboard of our country. Here in Halifax County, school has been called off for the day, we have had a small amount of rain thus far and intermittent winds are ruffling the trees outside my window. My thoughts and prayers now are that most of the predictions will not become fact. By the time this paper comes out we will know the outcome, and I truly hope I was right. A philosopher said, “Life is not a problem to be solved but rather a mystery to be lived.”

MEANWHILE, EVERYONE I’VE BEEN SPEAKING WITH THE LAST FEW DAYS ARE … extremely excited that soon the election will be a thing of the past. Now, we all are aware that there can only be one winner in each category so again I hope and pray that each of us no matter what side of the aisle we are on, will be kind and understanding whether we are a winner or a loser. This time around the continuous derogatory ads we’ve all been subjected to have seemed to cause all of us to just want everything to end and to get on with our normal lives. I must keep in mind that once an election is over and because time flies by so rapidly, it will soon be time to vote again and perhaps then the outcome I want with all my heart will happen. I’m not saying that this time none of my candidates will get in office, but just in case I want to be ready for whatever. Please let us all continue to be proud of our voting rights and do what we must by voting. A famous news reporter stated that his mother continually reminded him when an election came about to, “ Vote, it makes you feel big and strong.” I am feeling big and strong already as I intend to do my civic duty next week , hope each of you are planning to do the same. (a news bulletin just reported that SNOW is coming also, I’m beginning to question what “Sandy” truly does have in store, maybe in this case she is wanting to make ski enthusiasts happy?)

I FEEL I MUST SHARE THE FOLLOWING STORY … even though most of us have likely heard it before. It can be applied to elections and or storms and it goes like this. “ A fellow found a horse and everyone said that was good, until the man’s son was thrown from the horse and broke his leg. Then everyone said that was bad, until the army came and took all the young men away to war, except for the young man who had broken his leg.” We all say something is good or something is bad but in reality we don’t honestly know that when a rug is pulled out from under us which of the scenarios applies. Let’s keep this little story in mind no matter if we are ecstatically happy or ecstatically sad on November 6th, promise? “ If a man has any greatness in him, it comes to light…not in one flamboyant hour, but in the ledger of his daily life.”-Beryl Markham

TIME TO LAUGH ,SO WE DON’T BOGGED DOWN IN OUR … thoughts about things troubling us. From a magazine article talking about our grandchildren, While talking to my 4-year-old grandson, Will about his first week of preschool, I asked what was the first thing he did when he arrived at school. He gave me a quizzical look and replied, “I open the door and go in” (from the mouths of babes?)

I WANT TO PAY TRIBUTE TO A VERY DEAR PERSON IN MY LIFE … Mrs. Jennye Emma Lee Hall Thaxton. Many of our readers knew this lovely lady and are most willing to share a happy memory with one another. This past weekend I was able to be among friends who loved her and were more than delighted to share such a memory. One that stands out in my mind was when she made a special quilt for each of my newly adopted grandchildren a number of years ago. I’ll not forget her as I treasure these happy memories and hopefully I’ve learned just how important it is to make others feel special and loved. Jennye you are now with your beloved husband, other family members and friends, and we will most likely be selfish and wish you were still here. A couple of weeks ago we celebrated your 90th birthday here on earth, and now it is your turn to celebrate a life well lived. An ancient proverb states, “He or she who has faith has hope, and he or she who has hope has everything.”

IT’S STILL FALL, AND WE WILL BE TURNING OUR CLOCKS BACK THIS WEEKEND … A favorite autumn saying of mine continues to be, “Autumn, it is the year’s last, loveliest smile.”-William Cullen Bryant. I’m going to keep smiling till the last leaf and flower is gone and then I’ll deal with winter.

LAST WEEK IS GOING TO REMAIN IN MY MEMORY AS ONE OF MY FAVORITE … times as not only was I able to spend time with “old friends” but also with “new friends”. It began in North Carolina where we were reunited with the Beale family who used to call South Boston home. Mary now a senior in college played her last Divisional college soccer game for UNCA in Ashville. Meanwhile Charles, her brother played on the undefeated high school football team at Christ School in Ashville. He has also been chosen to play in the All Star Shrine Classic Games to be held in Mooresville, N.C. on Nov. 24, between North and South Carolina. I am so proud of you both. We then traveled to Kentucky where I met new friends and was able to share new memories that I will cherish. They, my memories, consisted of walks on 80 plus degree fall wonderland kind of days, a trip to see the Princess Diana exhibit touring our country, long and meaningful talks sharing our lives thus far, delicious meals, talks with fishermen along the river’s edge, Starbucks coffees, a late night carriage ride in downtown Louisville, window shopping, watching a movie about the wonders of Kentucky, and lastly saying good- by knowing the future will hold more times together. I love to travel and spend time with people and trust I’ll never grow too old to do it.

DON’T FORGET TO BE BIG AND STRONG BY VOTING … see you at the polls. Also ask yourself, “What have I done for liberty? If nothing, what can freedom do for you?”-William Jennings Bryan Keep in mind it is not a difficult thing to do, just be sure you are a registered voter who cares so much about our country, as imperfect as it may be, and that like the mail system neither rain, snow, hail etc.etc will keep us from this precious right. George Will helps us keep our politics relevant when he says, “Prophecy in Politics is optional folly.”


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