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Kickoff set Saturday for Barn Quilt Trail

The Halifax County Barn Quilt Trail will kick off its celebration Saturday, at 9 a.m. at the Halifax Farmers Market. There will be an information table at the market where…

Mecklenburg County eyes two percent increase in real estate tax rate

Top-line 42 cent rate would go unchanged, but rising values would net fresh revenue

Mecklenburg County hosts state education leaders


Big weekend of racing comes to SBS, VIR

Philip Morris returns to South Boston Speedway Saturday, while the Andretti family will have a presence at VIR





Kathy’s Column for Oct. 4, 2012 / October 03, 2012
INCLUDED IN “LET’S TEACH CHARACTER TO OUR CHILDREN” ARE THE FOLLOWING … words, “We can expect the Pied Piper of popular culture to play his seductive tunes to lead our children off in the wrong direction. But condemning the Piper and throwing up our hands in helpless surrender is useless and cowardly. We owe our children more.” This kind of thinking can pertain to many things in our lives, at the present time when we are bombarded with political information we owe it to ourselves and those in our lives to not just take everything as truth but to study it out and get informed. This is a wonderful example of character, someone who thinks for himself or herself and takes advantage of all information from both sides before agreeing with anything and everything. We need to be ready to vote intelligently as November is fast approaching. “Good manners and soft words have brought many a difficult thing to pass.”-Sir John Vanbrugh Obviously these ending words must always be included when we share our individual opinions.

HARD TO BELIEVE BUT TWO MAMMALS …, seemingly so different can have the same number of vertebra in their neck and I for one was very surprised at the answer which is a giraffe and a mouse. Amazing how even in the animal kingdom there are as many differences and similarities as anywhere else.

SPEAKING OF DIFFERENCES … is there anything more diverse than music, something for everyone is definitely the genre. I once heard that music makes us kinder, more gentle and more reasonable. Again we must be aware of our differences as well as our similarities and then embrace them as unique.

I’VE SAID NUMEROUS TIMES IN THE PAST … how much I love descriptive words and the following truly spoke to me in a very large and picturesque way. “The sky was blue, that blue, blue sky which looked like a vast canvas where the whitest of clouds floated. Golden sunrays pierced the clouds, like someone had poked holes in them and was shining a flashlight through. To add to the scene, a flock of birds soared across the sky.”-copied That kind of writing leaves nothing to the imagination does it, it just stands on its own in all its descriptor beauty. Now that October has arrived we will all of us soon become most eloquent as we describe the beautiful colors of fall which will assail us. That’s the beauty of words.

WORDS AND THEIR CRAZY … differences in the English language. How about pair and pear and pare? Then we have fear and fair and fare. A moth is not a moth in mother, nor both in bother or broth in brother. And then there is dose and rose and lose, and word and sword, and do and go. It’s seemingly a dreadful language, and hard to believe that most of us mastered it by the age of five. Now at my advanced age if only learning a second language were as easy.

LETTING GO CAN SCARE US … but if we think about it enough we can readily see how helpful it can be. For example, letting go is not enabling but rather allowing someone to learn from natural consequences. Letting go is not to care for, but to care about, just as letting go is not to be protective but to permit another to face reality. It can be summed up as to let go is to fear less and love more in most all circumstances. –some copied This kind of thinking keeps us from getting angry about our differences when tempers can get us into trouble and our pride many times will keep us there.

ONCE AGAIN, I FEEL THE NEED TO SHARE ANOTHER FIRST IN MY LIFE … just because it has seemed to take over my life this past week. I broke two of my toes and still can’t get a shoe on. It would have most likely healed if added problems hadn’t occurred. The day after the accident I flew to Wisconsin and for two days I wore soft fabric shoes which didn’t bother my hurting toes. Then on the third day I wore heels to a wedding renewal ceremony and very late at night found out how swollen by entire foot had become. Waking up the next day there was no sign of normal when looking at my foot, and so again I went with the soft shoes but spent a large part of the day “running” around a shopping center with my grandchildren. It most likely would have healed except for the fact that the next day I was flying home and it turned out to be one of those days that all airline travelers dread where everything that possibly can goes wrong. Starting with the TSA telling me to never again wear something “sparkly” under my jacket, thus making me remove much of my layered look while standing out in the open, and then forgetting that I still had a full bottle of water in a bag, and you know what that means. Then began the wait for the first of my two planes, which was late and the person in charge didn’t want us to know why while insisting that there would be no problem making a connecting flight in New York. Finally we took off, and then the nightmare truly began. A very loud and obnoxious young “lady” sat across from me and when it came time to disembark at JFK she decided to push ahead of me knocking me back into my seat and making me wonder why I had wanted to see the New York City skyline so badly. We then ran out of the plane where we had to climb down the steps, run out on the runway and then into a plastic tunnel up flights of cement stairs and into a room completely filled with a crowd of people standing and sitting on the floor and everywhere along with a small flock of pigeons. The smell and everything was despicable and the piece de resistance the person manning the “door” said our plane had left and we needed to book another. We explained that we were promised they would wait, and she yelled “well then go across the room and ask the woman over there what you should do.” Very nicely we picked our way across the flotsam and jetsam and nicely asked about our flight. The new person while not looking at us said, “ the doors are locked, get another flight,” after pointing out the fact that we still had 10 minutes according to our ticket she said rudely, “go out that door and whatever…”,we did and again running through plastic tunnels and out onto the runway and up the airplane steps we arrived and were greeted by a nice flight attendant who yelled out,” I told you I had 56 people that were to be on this flight and I only counted 54 a number of times, well now they are here.” We were told to walk to the back of the plane which allowed everyone to see why they weren’t able to leave earlier. A person obviously not from the USA said the reason everything is late today is because of “your” President being in town, which did happen to be true. There is more, but I’ve run out of room so will continue at a later time… a hint of what’s to come ..missing luggage!!!!!!!!!!


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