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Kathy’s Column for Sept. 1, 2010 / September 01, 2010
DO WE EVER APPRECIATE OUR HEALTH UNTIL... we have something go wrong? I know that many times I don't. A couple of weeks ago I wasn't feeling the best and doctor's visits and tests are not something I enjoy doing the most. However, once again when I found out everything was fine the resulting good feeling was worth everything but a little bit of the pain. I urge all of us to do what is best for our health and our bodies, we know most of the time what we should or should not do to keep ourselves in the best physical condition, it is just a matter of doing it. Granted many things we have no control over, but regular check-ups and common sense will usually steer us in the right direction and will allow the expertise of our doctors to take care of the rest. Thanks to our very own medical community here in Halifax County for being here for us.

SOMETHING TO PONDER..."Just because we have the RIGHT to do something does not necessarily make it RIGHT." -copied. When I read those words I couldn't help but think that if each of us thought through our decisions on most aspects of our lives we would have no problem with doing what is RIGHT at least most of the time. Matter of fact if our country and our world used this criteria in making most of their decisions I would venture to say it would be a most peaceable place in which to live. Think of all the extra time we'd have also as we would be so in tune with our surroundings and with others who don't always agree with us one-hundred percent.

THE FOLLOWING WORDS OF A FORMER ATHEIST... who had been proud of being an atheist because he felt morally and intellectually superior to as he said all the mindless sheep claiming to believe in an invisible god came to an end. He said, "I wasn't very good at it after all, because I kept seeing the beauty of nature, the goodness of the human soul, and the excitement of intellectual challenge, which pointed me to something beyond myself. It was more than God in the natural world-like Wordsworth claimed, it was that God seemed to be present in all things, that was the reason for my change." These words were from a book review I once read and have never forgotten, hopefully they will give us all something to think about.

MY DAUGHTER JUST TURNED 42, AND FOR SOME UNKNOWN... reason I finally feel like I'm getting older. Is it because I still feel young myself, most of the time that I kept fooling myself that I am still much younger than my numerical age? I'm not sure but having both of my children in their forties this year has made me realize that I can now say with authority and even with delight, "I am now considered elderly, and I love it because with that comes respect, the ability to slow down a bit, and yes to even start enjoying the wrinkles, age spots and slower pace of life." I don't know if I am still trying to convince myself or will acting my age suddenly seem like the best thing I can do each and everyday?

CAPTAIN EDWARD V. RICKENBACKER... said and I quote, "The four cornerstones of character on which the structure of this nation was built are Initiative, Imagination, Individuality and Independence." All we need to do as individuals is to check these four cornerstones out in our own lives and see how we then measure up in 2010 as far as our own character. I admit that at least two of these need some work in my own life, how about yours?

WE ALL FOR THE MOST PART CLAIM ENGLISH AS OUR NUMBER ONE LANGUAGE... but, if we go back to the King's English do we also realize that some British terms are different than what we use today. For example: Petrol is gas, multiple shops are chain stores, a road diversion is a detour, and butter muslin is what we call cheesecloth. (How many of us are familiar with cheesecloth for that fact?)

HOW OFTEN I HAVE DREAMED OF WRITING A BOOK SOMEDAY... and then the reality of what my dream is makes me rethink the possibility. I only think in terms of one book and not book after book like many of our favorite authors. Then I wondered what makes them able to continually write more and in many cases even better books time and again without getting drawn back to the characters from their last book? Just what is their motivation? Nicholas Sparks, a well known author of today who writes both fiction and non-fiction, says that when you start on a new book after the completion of another the current characters and adventures one finds themselves in takes over and he finds you can only focus on the new characters and that those from the past are entirely forgotten. (Of course, sequels are a different story altogether.) I still think that constantly imagining new stories, characters and locations in which to set the scenes must be a most difficult job.

HERE IS AN ECONOMIC RECIPE FROM THE PAST... We are constantly being bombarded with ways to save and stretch money in these difficult days of our recession or whatever we are calling our current job market. So, when I found this thrifty tip for making a cake, published in 1867 by Dr. A.W. Chase for a cake that doesn't use butter, milk or eggs I became interested. The name of the cake is Pork Cake and is touted as being a delightful cake using pork instead of expensive butter, milk and eggs. It went on to say that it must be tasted to be appreciated, with another advantage being you can make a large quantity of it as it will seemingly last forever. He said he had eaten some of this cake that had been baked two months prior and found it to be still nice and moist. (I wonder where he stored it back then, hopefully a freezer?) Here are the ingredients, fat salt pork that is entirely free of rind and lean and chopped so fine as to be almost like lard), one-half pint of boiling water, raisins lone pound, (seeded and chopped), citron one quarter of a pound shaved into shreds, 2 cups of sugar, molasses 1 cup, saleratus (baking soda rubbed fine), 1 tsp. Mix those ingredients together. Then stir in enough sifted flour to make it the consistency of other common cake mixtures. Lastly stir in 2 oz. of cinnamon, and 1 oz each of nutmeg, and cloves. (Be sure the spices are finely ground). It didn't say how long to then bake it or at what temperature, but rather you should be governed about the time of baking it by putting a "sliver" into it and when nothing adheres it is done. Remember to bake it slowly. Anyone interested, I think I'll pass on this one.

RICHMOND IS THE CAPITAL OF VIRGINIA...and here are a few facts about this lovely city. It is the second most populated city in Virginia as Arlington is number 1. It is advertised as having a humid subtropical climate with a moderate change of seasons. The population as of 2007 for Richmond and the surrounding area known as MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area) was over 1 million. There are seven Fortune 500 companies located in Richmond, with a presence of at least five others, sounds like a great place to visit and or to live. A great plus is that it is so close to us, an easy one day trip back and forth with plenty of time in between to enjoy some of the sights and sounds. Matter of fact I recently did just that and look forward to my next road trip there to enjoy even more of what it has to offer.

WE KEEP HEARING MORE AND MORE ALARMING NEWS ABOUT THE... massive egg recall in recent weeks. Somehow, at least to me, it seemed far removed as up to this point we in Virginia seemed to have no cause to worry. Then we got a call from our family in Wisconsin who said that their COSTCO store called them to let them know that they had purchased the contaminated eggs and should be aware of it. Our grandson Will had been ill for a number of days at the time they were called, so when they got this news they took him to his doctor to see if perchance he had contracted this bacteria. I just (the day I'm writing this) got a call from my daughter-in-law that the doctor is quite confident that Will does not have e-coli or salmonella but that they want to run some more tests to be sure. Hopefully real soon he will get the all clear signal we are all hoping and praying for. I can't help but think of all the many persons, however who have contracted this awful bug and haven't been nearly as fortunate.


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