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Plain and Simple for Aug. 29, 2013 / August 29, 2013
Do you ever get the feeling that the plain, unvarnished truth has gone out of style? Forgive me if I am beginning to sound increasingly old, but I do remember the old days when a man and/or a woman was proud to be known for his or her word. You may not have had much in the way of material things, but you took a certain pride in being able to walk into any gathering in the community and have people believe what you said. If you told someone you would pay a debt, they knew that you would. If you said that you would be somewhere at one in the afternoon on Monday, they could set their clock by your appearance. Once you established yourself in a community, they did not have to have constant reassurances about your reliability because it was lived out, day after day.

I guess it does no good to talk about Congress. It never had a good track record for reliability and now it seems to be filled with buffoons. If all you can do to impress me is campaign on a promise that you can shut down Congress and do absolutely nothing as opposed to almost nothing, then I have lost all hope. The truth would have to have more nerve than me to wander the halls of Congress.

But I am more depressed by common examples of mendacity. I have become deeply involved with my granddaughter’s, Anna, travel softball team. It is a high-priced, heavy demand proposition. Last year was an introduction, but this year she moved up a level. I have discovered that it is basically impossible to get a straight answer about anything. You are supposed to trust that they are doing the very best for your child and that any task you are assigned to raise money, no matter when it is assigned or what it involves is absolutely critical to the success of the organization. If you question anything, then you are a malcontent and put your child’s playing time in jeopardy. What no one seems to recognize is that these are thirteen-year-old girls!

Unfortunately, I see it in the church hierarchy, also. You are a trouble-maker if you question anything even though we have been losing members for years now. There are golden boys and girls who can do no wrong and the fact that the truth does not seem to support that scenario does not bother anyone. I don’t suppose this should really surprise me that much. The prophets and Jesus did not have much luck with the truth, either.

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