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Plain and Simple for Dec. 1, 2016 / December 01, 2016
I believe that we are heading into a post-literate world.

People are reading less and less.

They obtain their information from the internet but have little ability to distinguish between reality and fantasy. If we see something on the internet that agrees with our philosophy, then we jump at it and use it to prove our point.

Seldom do people take the time to investigate the facts—or lack of facts--behind the story.

Once upon a time, we prided ourselves on being able to carefully weigh the information in front of us. Now we only want to look at the information that agrees with our preconceived notions.

One of the worst developments in the last several years has been the growth of TV news shows that have a bias toward one side or the other.

If you like your news cooked with a side of right-wing bias, you watch Fox News. If you want to have a serving of liberal bias, you go to MSNBC. I have gotten tired of the slant that is evident everywhere and get my news from BBC News America.

Ministers have long known that you can make the scriptures say almost anything you want if you are selective enough. Context becomes vital.

We now live in a time when your own presuppositions determine context. I have seen people whom I value pass along the most ridiculous stories and clips through Facebook.

Only the most cursory research shows them to be absurd. And yet, they continue to post them and refuse to believe any evidence that you can gather to the contrary.

I know that this will upset some people, but we have a president-elect who makes up his own reality.

The election is rigged; he actually won the popular vote even though Clinton is ahead by over two million votes.

I, for one, like to gather my own facts and I am not afraid to look at information from the other side of the political spectrum.

One of the worst results of this dependence on sources that always agree with us is that we are then totally unable to compromise on anything. We have the absolute truth and there is no middle ground.

I have heard politics defined as the art of the possible. If we cannot see any truth in the claims of the opposite party, then how can we achieve anything? I think that the record of the last Congress will go down as the most obstructionist in history.

I want our representatives to work for the benefit for the most people and that means compromising at times. I pray that we learn to work together.

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