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Plain and Simple for Feb. 21, 2013 / February 19, 2013
Let me share something with you from my heart. Kids like to go to church. If you have children or grandchildren and you do not have them in church, then you are robbing them of a great experience. You are not being fair to them or to yourself.

I can already hear some of your objections. Sunday is the only day that I have to rest. My kids always gripe when I get them up. The Sunday school program at the church I attend is no good. I think that my child should make that choice when he or she gets old enough.

I realize that it is difficult to get up on Sunday morning; it is not easy for me to get up on some Sundays. But your children are worth it. Besides, if your child has a soccer game at 8 am on Sunday or a softball game, you miraculously get them there. If your little one is not getting a good, Biblical introduction to church at your present place of worship where they are having fun, then search out another church. Notice that I did not say that it was ok to change churches like shirts because you get mad at the pastor or don’t like the parking or someone corrected little Bobby or Susan for throwing bibles down the stairs. But there are good churches where children love to worship and they get a good grounding in the bible. Finally, the myth that children will somehow make their own choice about religion if they have never gone to church in the first place is just that, a myth. They cannot honestly evaluate what they have never been exposed to.

We have created a culture where we do not hesitate to spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on children to expose them to travel baseball, basketball, or soccer, but we don’t have the time to take them to church. I happen to think that we endanger their immortal soul by such actions. But, even if you do not agree with me, what about the values that you are instilling? I agree that sports can convey certain values, but they also tend to be ultra-competitive. By their very nature, they imply that not everyone will eventually reach the same level of success. Church should be focusing on values that champion cooperation, love, grace, and acceptance. We have mixed sports and religion so much in America that we assume that their values easily coexist but that is not the case.

Finally, God has commanded us, as mothers and fathers, to raise up a child in the way that he or she should go. Clubs, sports, and other activities certainly are valuable in the growth of a child but nothing takes the place of the church.

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