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Man drowns on pond

Fishing buddies tossed in water after canoe overturns; only one makes it back to safety on side of bank at Berry Hill

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Visitors will have a chance to see demonstrations on everything from composting, creating raised beds in wood pallets, portable raised bed units, and more. Pallets will also be used to…

Arrest is made after meth lab discovered

A Nathalie man, 25 year old Richard Dale Culley, was arrested last week and charged with the manufacture of methamphetamine, grand larceny and vandalism.


Barons end week with thrilling win

Tucker hits three-run homer to end game





Plain and Simple for Feb. 7, 2013 / February 05, 2013
I remember when I was in seminary, a friend of mine once told me that I was either the happiest miserable person he had ever met or the most miserable happy person. I do indeed have a tendency to mix metaphors when it comes to moods. When things are going well for me and I am happy, I often find myself done in by the way in which humans can mistreat each other and I get a bit depressed. Conversely, when I look around and get the most downhearted over the sad things that I see, I cannot help but be impressed with what God is doing in my life and in the world. Then I am forced to perk up a bit.

Right now I must confess that the news from around America is not overwhelmingly good. We still have not turned the corner economically and every news outlet tells us that we are headed over the fiscal cliff soon. I, like so many other Americans, am totally fed up with the people in Washington. I do not want to read one more time about how they are not going to yield on this or that point. Politics is supposed to be the art of the possible and not the art of saying no. Just get it done! When you add in the fact that we still have the war in Afghanistan and continued tension in the Middle East and North Korea as well as other hot spots, it is easy to understand that people are on edge.

Still, I think that one thing that is missing in our country today is a healthy sense of optimism. We are, after all, America. No, that does not mean that we are perfect or more important than any other nation. It does mean, however, that we have a history of accomplishing some pretty impressive things. We still are the destination of choice for immigrants from all over the world. We still have the most powerful military in the entire world. We still have freedom and privileges that people around the world can only dream about.

So why should we constantly berate ourselves and look at the worst possible scenario? I believe that we dishonor the men and women of our armed forces who are sacrificing so much for us when we belittle the country that they are fighting for. Of course we have problems, but let’s quit fighting so much among ourselves and fix them.

I remember a time in America when it was taken for granted that we would fix any problem that we faced. We might disagree vigorously with each other but that did not mean that we would not work with each other to make this a better place for ourselves and our children. It is time that we get that attitude back. To do any less is un-American.

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