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Plain and Simple for June 13, 2013 / June 10, 2013
I have written several articles concerning my disgust with the behavior or our political leaders. To me they have become so bipartisan that they are totally incapable of leading the country. They are much happier discovering some piece of dirt with which they might smear their opponent than blazing a trail through our pile of problems.

I have heard some commentators describe our politicians as little more than children having tantrums. I am afraid that is being much too unfair—to the children of our country. I have spent a great deal of time in my life dealing with children and they have an amazing capacity to forgive each other and get on with the task at hand. Occasionally you have a really bad egg, but mostly children, if you keep the parents out of it, will get mad, pout a bit, and then be playing with each other again before you have a chance to worry too much about it.

To make matters worse the technology of today has conspired to produce ever more radical politicians. Have you noticed that TV has become much racier and bold than in the days of I Love Lucy? The main reason for that is demographics. When there were only three channels, a TV show had to appeal to a broad spectrum of the population to be a hit. Now, with 300 cable channels, a show only has to score with a limited number of watchers to make it. Conversely, a show can afford to offend more viewers today and still stay on.

Something similar is happening in politics. It has always been the case that the winning party has redrawn the polling districts for the next elections. But, with only a limited knowledge of who voted how, these redrawn districts could still go the other way if a candidate was too weird or too controversial. With today’s technology, one can draw a district’s line so that an emu can run as a Republican and win a Republican district and vice versa. The key is to get nominated. And who controls the nomination process? In many cases now, the most radical of the politicians have seized control of the nomination processes.

If we do not wake up and demand a little more accountability of our elected officials, we are doomed to have gridlock. It is not acceptable to have people point fingers and say I cannot work with that person when that person is the only one available to work with. I am tired of the politics of blame. Get to work and do something. You can pontificate on the news shows.

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