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Plain and Simple for March 14, 2013 / March 14, 2013
I had the privilege of attending a two day seminar under the tutelage of Dr. John Oswalt at Virginia Wesleyan College last week. He lectured on the process of preaching from the prophets and that caused me to think a little. That, of course, is a dangerous process and I avoid it whenever possible.

One of his suggested topics was “Child Sacrifice.” No, he was not in favor of the practice, nor were the Old Testament prophets of yesteryear. It was, however, a relatively common practice among the religions of the peoples who surrounded the Israelites. Thus, the prophets had to deal with the problem.

Dr. Oswalt contends that while we do not stoop to physically killing our children as an offering for our gods, there are cases where we do sacrifice our children. And if we, as prophets for the One True God, want to be true to His message, we will stand against this practice.

But what gods and what sacrifices are we talking about? Occasionally we sacrifice our children to our work. We are working all those hours and never seeing our children so that we can give them everything. But somehow it never occurs to us until it is too late that we long ago sacrificed our children on the altar of our jobs. In addition, more and more I see children sacrificed on the altar of unrealized sports dreams. The parent never got to be the sports star so now the child must give up every semblance of a normal life so that the parent can be a star by proxy.

The life of a parent is difficult and getting more and more so. I see parents who worship at the altar of being a good friend to their child, being their buddy and not their parent. They hover over the child and keep him safe from disappointment and heap approval on him. Essentially they have sacrificed them to a fantasy world. Life is not like that and the bible would tell them so. They grow up selfish and spoiled and are horrified that the world will not pamper them like their parents did.

Finally, some parents allow their prejudice against the church to let them worship at the altar of laziness. They will let their child choose to go to church when they get old enough. I have yet to see the young child who did not love church once you got her there. You are sacrificing their training and relationship to God at your personal altar. Child sacrifice is alive and well in America and we need to prophesy against it.

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