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South Boston closes books on 2013-14 budget

South Boston Town Council on Monday evening heard Finance Director Erle Scott review the Town’s financial figures on June 30, the end of the Town’s FY2013-14 budget year.

Four injured in two-vehicle crash

Chase City Council voices opposition to Thornton’s contract

The vote was four in favor, and none opposed. Council members Marshall Whitaker and Vice-Mayor Lisa Gillispie were absent from the meeting.


South Boston in O-Zone title game

The local all-stars stayed in contention with a 10-5 win over Madison Heights on Monday.





Plain and Simple for May 16, 2013 / May 14, 2013
Another Mother’s Day has come and gone. My mother passed away almost ten years ago and I still find myself picking up the phone and getting ready to call her at times. They say a man never really grows up until his Mom dies but I don’t know if I have made it yet.

There is so much I would like to talk to her about. I want to know how my parents seemed to do things with so much confidence. I realize now that could not have been the case. Even as I got older and was taken into their confidence a bit, I began to see that they struggled with their decisions. But, when I was a child and a teenager, they always seemed so rock-solid.

They never seemed to worry about money, either. I know and have known for quite a while that money worries must have been a great part of their lives. How did they do that? Were they made of sterner stuff than me? Maybe a good Depression will do that to you. We have had everything go our way for so long that we think that the world owes us everything. My mother and father had that notion taken away from them when they scrambled for food to eat as children. It made them tough, resilient, and, strangely enough, much more willing to share what they had than people I know who have a thousand times more than my parents ever hoped to possess on this earth.

My father had a first-class sense of humor. He showed me how to laugh when the world made you want to cry. He had been kicked around when he was young simply because he was poor. Almost nothing could rouse him to anger, but mistreating someone because of their social or economic status would certainly do the trick. The thing that I most admired about him was that he looked at everyone, no matter what color or social status or place in life, as a potential friend. Even though some people took advantage of him, he was the richer for it.

My mother was the high-strung driving force of the family. She never had the chance to succeed in life but she wanted it for her children. But something strange happened to her along the line. She accepted Jesus Christ into her life and mellowed into the loving person that everyone remembers. She really had been that person all along, but life had been pretty hard on her. I rejoice that she was given the chance to share her love with so many people in so many ways. I miss my parents so much. How did they do it so well? I wish they were here to give me lessons. Maybe I could finally get it right.

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