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Red Bank News for March 28, 2016 / March 28, 2016

Little Miss Macie Conner was honored for her fourth birthday Sunday at Palace Point, Roxboro, N.C. by her mother, Mrs. Michael Conner and sister, Mattie. Enjoying the occasion were Mr. and Mrs. Lindy Tuck, Mrs. Fannie Mae Tuck, Mr. Jarrad Tuck and children and Mrs. Pam Tuck.

A luncheon was held at Union Christian Church Sunday with a large group attending.

The David Glasscock Group from Union Christian Church had their regular meeting at Berry Hill Nursing Home Saturday. Prayer, fellowship and bingo was enjoyed by all attending Mrs. Brenda Glasscock, Mrs. Ann Morris, Mrs. Carolyn Pulliam and Mike Glasscock. They visited with Mr. Carl (Jr.) Elliott while there.

Mrs. Wallace Nunn attended the Eastern Star meeting in Clarksville Tuesday.

Mrs. Robert (Tommy) Elliott visited Mrs. Catherine Smith.

Mrs. John Hodges visited Mrs. Hazel Fletcher, Mrs. Carolyn Pulliam and John Pulliam.

Mrs. Mason Pulliam, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Glasscock and Mrs. Ann Morris visited Mrs. Mary Alice Murray at Commonwealth Assisted Living and Mr. Mason Pulliam and Miss Irene Tuck at Woodview.

Mrs. Hazel Fletcher, Mrs. Mason Pulliam and John Pulliam visited Mr. and Mrs. Casey Tuck and also visiting them were Miss Amber Tuck and Little Piper Saunders.

Visiting Mrs. Catherine Smith were Mrs. Dorothy Hite, Mrs. Susan Keeton, Mrs. Kathy Keeton, Miss Peggy Smith, Mr. Robert Henry Smith and Brandon, Andrew Dickerson, Mrs. Clifton Smith, Mr. Tommy Thaxton, Mr. Curtis Hudson, Mr. Ashley Pulliam.

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Jaloway visited Mrs. Nell Hamlin.

Mr. Justin Tuck, Miss Jessica Lassiter visited Mrs. Hazel Fletcher, Mrs. Mason Pulliam and John.

Mrs. Fannie Mae Tuck visited Mrs. Mary Alice Murray.

Mr. John Pulliam visited Mr. James Lee Smith and Lloyd Smith.

Relatives from Florida have been recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Dave Jaloway.

Sunday visitors of Mrs. Hazel Fletcher were Mrs. Mason Pulliam and John, Mr. Jeremy Saunders, Amber Tuck, Pipe Saunders, Mr. and Mrs. Casey Tuck, Mrs. Roger Chandler, Mrs. Mike Glasscock.

Visiting Hannah Hite were Mr. Henry Murray, Mr. Wayne Bowen, Mrs. Dave Jaloway, Mrs. Fannie Mae Tuck, Mr. and Mrs. Tony McGregor.

Mrs. Dave Jaloway visited Mrs. Mary Alice Murray.

(For the week March 20-26)

A family gathering, a surprise birthday party for Mrs. Mason Pulliam, was held at the home of Mrs. Hazel Fletcher Sunday. Attending were Mrs. Fletcher, John Pulliam, Mr. and Mrs. Casey Tuck, Miss Amber Tuck, Mr. Jeremy Saunders, Little Miss Piper Saunders, Mr. Dustin Tuck, Miss Jessica Lassiter, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Chandler, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Glasscock, Mr. and Mrs. David Glasscock, Elijah and Michael.

Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. Fannie Mae Tuck were Mr. and Mrs. Lindy Tuck, Miss Pam Tuck, Mrs. Michael Conner, Maci and Mattie, Mr. and Mrs. Jarrad Tuck and children.

Mrs. Leo Pambid and Mrs. G.S. Bajwa were guests of Mrs. Hannah Hite Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Henry Smith and Brandon visited Mrs. Catherine Smith.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Loftis visited Mrs. Catherine Smith.

Mr. and Mrs. David Glasscock, Elijah and Michael were weekend guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Michael (Mike) Glasscock and they visited his grandmother, Mrs. Hazel Fletcher, aunt, Mrs. Carolyn Pulliam and John.

Hannah Hite enjoyed Sunday dinner from friends at the Church of the Second Coming, Ringgold.

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony (Tony) McGregor, Mrs. Dave Jaloway, Mr. Henry Murray and Mrs. Fannie Mae Tuck visited Mrs. Hannah Hite.

Mrs. Mason Pulliam and John visited Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Morris.

Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Smith, Mrs. Susan Keeton, Mr. Tommy Edwards, Mrs. Bonnie Wilkerson and grandson visited Mrs. Catherine Smith.

Mr. John Pulliam visited Mrs. Lloyd Smith and Mr. James Lee Smith.

Special prayers for Willard Bailey, Catherine Hite, Mrs. Curtis Hudson, Mrs. Catherine Smith, Mrs. James Williamson, Mrs. Lewis Rice, Mrs. Edith Atkins, Owen and Barbara Murray, Mason Pulliam, Edwin Daniel, Mary Alice Murray, Bruce Morris, June Young, Virginia Morris, Hannah Hite, Gladys Philips Elliott, Bertha Elliott, Paschal Tillman, George and Verna Philips, Donald and Wilhelmina Shotwell and Thomas Rice.

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