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Caution urged for Prom Night

Emergency services chief resigns post

Four days, three fatal crashes

A Clarksville teen died Friday in Buffalo Junction wreck, the first of three deadly car crashes in Mecklenburg County in the past week.


Double play





Agents raid offices of Farmers Foods

South Boston News
State and federal agents conducted an operation Tuesday at the Farmers Foods corporate office on Dodd Street in Chase City. Officers could be seen carting boxes and materials out of the Dodd Street building. (Photo by Rick Magann) / October 23, 2013

Agents with the Virginia State Police, the FBI and U.S. Postal Service descended on the Farmers Foods corporate office and warehouse in Chase City Tuesday morning and within a short time were loading boxes onto a waiting truck.

The nature of the operation was not known, and local authorities said they had little advance notice it was coming.

Corine Geller, a State Police spokesperson, provided this statement: “State and federal investigators executed a search warrant at a Chase City place of business Tuesday. The warrant is part of an ongoing criminal investigation. No charges or arrests were made.”

Chase City Police Chief Jay Jordan said he had no information on the raid and referred all calls to the area headquarters for Virginia State Police.

Similarly, Mecklenburg County Sheriff Bobby Hawkins said his office was not involved in the search. He only learned of it Tuesday morning, when he was notified by the State Police that a raid was about to take place. Hawkins said it was a courtesy call only and he had no further information.

The operation set off a buzz in town and drew would-be gawkers, to little avail. A local photographer who stopped to take pictures was admonished to leave by a Virginia State Trooper positioned outside the building.

Corine Geller, a spokesperson for the Virginia State Police contacted by this newspaper yesterday afternoon, said she had no information on the operation because she still awaited on a report from the Appomattox field office. Calls to the division were referred back to Geller for handling.

Farmers Foods, founded by longtime Chase City businessman and grocer John Farmer, is an independently-owned and –operated retail grocery chain with six stores, including locations in South Boston, Dillwyn and Hopewell.

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State and feds telling you can't take pictures? Welcome to the new world order.


Virginia State Police are a fine organization, but they work for us, and for some moron who happened to work his way on to the force to tell
a citizen he can't take a picture is a violation of that citizen's civil rights. As a former video producer, I know I can film from the street onto any public property I can see with my naked eye.
If I were this citizen, I'd file a law suit, and if he happens to read this, I would advise him to contact the ACLU. A public apology
is due from the VSP representative. The issue is not political, not dependent on the guilt or innocence of the suspects, but instead, freedom of the press and individual rights.


That's right. If you have a shiny badge affixed to your chest you are always right. Matter of fact if said person were to tell you to jump off a bridge you would technically be required to do so. Otherwise you could be charged with felony failure to obey a police command. Someone should have reminded Barney Fife the courts have repeatedly ruled that filming and photographing the police is fair game.


Here is an example of why idiots should not have badges. Number 2 says keep and BEAR not keep out of sight.


Or what about this talented problem solver?


Can't take pictures from a public street? I would have gotten the Trooper's name. If that's his car, he shouldn't be too hard to ID. I could understand if you were snapping pictures of a raid team that had officers that also worked undercover and they asked you not to print their pictures, if their faces were visible.

If we are at a point that you cannot observe things from a public street then the VSP needs to reverse the order of their decals to read "POLICE STATE". Let's have some truth in advertising!


It is true that some police agencies set IQ limits for its job applicants. They don't want officers who are able to do much independent thinking. They want good little minions that won't question violating somenone's constitutional rights. Need proof? Or just google "police iq limits".


It's been needed




This story will be getting interesting very, very soon. According to several other papers and the FBI's website a John Palmer has pled guilty to defrauding Kelloggs of nearly $2 million dollars with the help a store owner from Virginia that ran a small chain of stores, including Henrico and Hopewell. Sounds very familiar. Also all of the investigating agencies are the same in all these articles. Guess we'll know if my hunch is right before too long.

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