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Critical race theory, trans rights stir protest / July 15, 2021

Critical race theory and bathroom access for transgender students — issues that have dominated Fox News airwaves and driven conservative movement politics in recent months — surfaced at this month’s meeting of the Halifax County School Board.

Four speakers asked trustees to keep critical race theory out of Halifax County classrooms, and one expressed dismay that boys claiming to be transgender would be allowed to use girls’ bathrooms — an interpretation that the Supreme Court implicitly rejected last month in a case brought by a Virginia transgender student who won the right to use bathrooms consistent with his gender identity.

The student was born female but identifies as a male. The conservative-dominated high court refused to hear a challenge that would have required the student to use private bathrooms or girls’ bathrooms.

Superintendent of Schools Mark Lineburg told the speakers that Halifax County Public Schools has adopted no policy on bathroom or locker room access by transgender students, although the General Assembly has directed the Virginia Department of Education to develop guidelines on the matter that can be disseminated to local school divisions.

“The Halifax County School Board will review the model policy as well as the model policy from the Virginia School Board Association. We have not done this at this time because it has not been given to us at this time,” said Lineburg, who complimented speakers on the decorum they demonstrated during the discussion.

Virginia does not incorporate critical race theory into the school curriculum, although the state’s “Centering Equity” initiative calls for “identifying and dismantling all iterations of racism and inequity that permeate our public education system.

“We remain steadfast in our commitment to the principals of anti-racism, cultural proficiency, resource equity, and high expectations for all students,” the policy states.

Those who spoke in opposition to teaching CRT stressed that, in their view, Halifax County does not have a problem with racism, but it does suffer from keeping God out of the classroom.

“All these things that are vexing us, whether it is racism or bullying — those are not the problem. The problem is a spiritual heart problem,” said Doug Ballou, pastor of North Fork Baptist Church.

Ballou said he would like to start a process in which he and other citizens could work together with the School Board to help the children of this county.

Ronnie Vaughan, another speaker, asked trustees if critical race theory and the 1619 Project, a New York Times Magazine exploration of America’s troubled racial past, would be incorporated in the HCPS curriculum. Vaughan passed around flyers about the 1619 Project and educational equity curricula that purported to explain the concepts.

The flyer prominently quoted from a letter by Notre Dame student, now university scholar Nikole Hannah-Jones, to the college student newspaper that stated “[t]he white race is the biggest murderer, rapist, pillager, and thief of the modern world.” Hannah-Jones, who led the Pulitzer Prize-winning 1619 Project, wrote the 1995 letter as a student in response to laudatory essay on Christopher Columbus.

Norma Chaney, another speaker, shared her view that CRT would be a dangerous thing in Halifax County.

“Critical race theory is teaching our children that the government takes over God and when God is stepped out of there, the parents have the responsibility to teach about race.

“I cannot believe in Halifax County we are called racist. I’ve got wonderful, wonderful black friends that I love dearly,” said Chaney.

Citing a speech impediment, Chaney turned over the rest of her time to Teresa Davis, who told trustees that CRT “teaches children that they are defined only by race, not as individuals. It teaches them to hate each other and to hate their country.”

Davis also offered her thoughts on transgender issues: “I am concerned that on any given day a boy could say that he is a girl and enter the girl’s bathroom. School staff cannot legally ask him about that [his gender identity]. What is going to stop him from assaulting our girls?” said Davis.

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CRT is nonsense.

Boys using the girls bathroom and vice versa is again, nonsense.

Libtard policies.... ridiculous.


^^^^^President of the Teeny Weenie Club


Transgender is not real. Parents who allow their children to live this way should not be parents. Biology cannot be debated. It's ridiculous to let even entertain such notions. CRT is also a not based in fact. Liberals want white people to say we were , are and always will be racist and blacks have no opportunities. If that's true how did Obama become President, Kamala become VP, Ben Carson become a highly respected doctor, not to mention the endless number of actors, athletes and business CEO's in this country. Stop trying to spread propaganda. If you have nothing it is because you lack motivation and drive.


not real lol ^^^ lets talk not real
Jesus = fake not based in fact
Religion = fake not based in fact
Equality = fake
Stolen election - xtra fake
Carson respected Dr?? lol why he was in charge of housing and development.
Commonsense i bet you that if compared loan statics whites have a higher %of approval and a lower %
% of black actors vs white
How many superheros are minority?
How many black pro sports team owners?
Could go on and on stop spreading very narrow minded caucaziod dribble look through the eyes of a minotity. How many blk owned business in mecklenburg county? How much land owned in mecklenburg county. How many minorities sit on town council or hold public office in the county? Motivation and drive lmaoo yo without motivation and drive minorities would still be enslaved.... without motivation and drive as you stated atheletes, actors, politicians and so on would not be a reality. What you see now is in fact motivation and drive to educate and level the field for all.


Jay, the fact that you don’t believe in Jesus is the first problem. The second is your use of the “word” yo. This may be your problem rising to the next level. How long are you going to blame slavery for your short comings? I bet you have more than a lot of white people in the world. You just don’t see it because you’ve never had hard times. It takes experience to know what you are talking about not jumping in a band wagon to be cool.


Lmao listen up knucklehead - 1st Im white but way to stereotype based on verbiage. As well as assuming what level I'm on and my age & experience. Im earn in top 10% of county.... Hard times hahaha bro I lived in a van. Earned a 4yr degree Worked tirelessly and became succesful in life, made it in one the big cities. Bandwagon c'mon thats the tea pot calling the kettle black. Hate white ppl naw just dislike narrow minded judgemental stereotyping ppl. You didn't address a single disparity in business loans, ownership,public office or land ownership


I don’t know how y’all do it in your county but in South Boston/ Halifax County we have plenty of black men and women in public office, business owners (H&M Logging) is not only one of the most profitable businesses here but that family probably owns as much of not more land than any white family and as far as business loans go I have no idea but I can tell you the Sinai area seems to be getting a lot done in that area. You might want to have a sit down with the Hodges family and let them show you how it’s done “ bro”.


No need for anybody to be concerned about the Jay. He’s going straight to HELL so just bury him face down, so he can see where he’s headed.


Oh wow you really put me in my place...face down so i can see where im goin - Hell.. lmao you stay up all night working on that material? C'mon we all know why you want men azz up...


Thomas Jefferson once wrote "Question with boldness even the existence of a god; because if there be one he must approve of the homage of reason more than that of blindfolded fear." Christianity is the single largest religion in the world, but more people are not Christian than are Christian. According to the Pew Research Center, 31.2% of the world's population adheres to Christianity, which means that a majority of people, 68.8% are not Christians.

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