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South Boston News
Cuccinelli / October 03, 2012
Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli cancelled a planned visit to speak to the Mecklenburg County Republican Party unit last night in the wake of a controversy that erupted last week over images placed on the local unit’s Facebook wall by local chairman, Wally Hudson.

Noah Wall, the political director for Cuccinelli’s campaign for governor in 2013, confirmed that the no-show stemmed from the flap, which involved numerous postings of images of President Obama depicting him as an African witch doctor, gang thug and caveman, after the GEICO television commercials. Pat Mullins, chairman of the Virginia Republican Party, ordered that the images be removed, an edict that was picked up in a Sept. 26 article appearing in The Washington Post.

Wall confirmed Cuccinelli is “not attending [the local meeting of the GOP] because of the issue which arose last week. These are inappropriate and unfortunate distractions that don’t contribute to the political discourse. The President’s colossal failures are more than enough for the discussion related to this year’s election.”

Initially, Hudson refused to take down the Facebook images despite Mullins’ order, saying such action would be a repudiation of free speech. However, the Facebook account was shut off later in the week.

This week he declined comment on the controversy and the Cuccinelli cancellation.

The images were first pointed out by Progress VA, a political advocacy group that is supporting Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Tim Kaine. Progress VA found the images in the wake of a visit by the Republican Senate candidate, George Allen, through Mecklenburg. While Allen’s appearance last week in Clarksville was not directly connected to the Mecklenburg Republican unit, his campaign quickly disavowed the images, as did other party leaders.

“These kinds of images have no place in political discourse, period. They are offensive, tasteless and should never have been posted anywhere, let alone a local unit’s Facebook page. The Republican Party of Virginia condemns this sort of imagery in the strongest possible terms,” said Mullins.

Hudson remained unapologetic, though he eventually complied with the state GOP’s demand. The Washington Post reported that Hudson first responded to accusations of racist content by Progress VA by saying, “If that group is that sensitive, I’m sorry, they’re just not human. It’s not American. If they’ve got a problem with it, we’re not going to change what we do.”

In a subsequent conversation, Hudson claimed his comments were taken out of context, but would not elaborate except to invoke the First Amendment in defense of the pictures.

Hudson took over as local party chairman in May.

Brian Moran, Virginia Democratic Party Chairman, who was in South Hill last week for the opening of the local Obama campaign office, called the posting “unusual for its outrageousness” and thanked Mullins, his counterpart, for “taking corrective action.”

This is not Hudson’s first misstep in recent months. Earlier he posted a link to a satirical article in “The Onion” titled “Obama’s 19-Year-Old Son Makes Rare Appearance At DNC.” Under the post he asked, “How come we never heard of this one?” Several readers of the post did not know if Hudson was being sarcastic or if he believed the article was truthful.

Cuccinelli has not said if he plans to reschedule his appearance in Mecklenburg County for a later date.

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Too bad the local guy caved to the PC pressure. Every time I meet a dem/ or liberal I ask them do you realize or care that Obama has screwed up the country?


Derogatory caricatures of either candidate are childish and uncalled for. You speak of those that may not realize how "Obama has screwed up the country", yet when this type of incident takes place, it keeps the focus off of factual information. It would be no different than the Democratic party FB page posting pics of Romney with a bunch of sister-wives, or other negative connotations associated with his Mormon faith. Faith and race have no bearing on the ability of a candidate to govern the people of our country. When both parties grow up enough to stop slinging mud, maybe those of us that are seeking the truth about policy issues will have a better chance at finding it and making an informed decision at the polls! Your comments help perpetuate the ignorance of Americans by egging on the ridiculousness of such actions.


The Mecklenburg VA GOP FB page is an abomination. They do not fact check items before they post- thus leading others to believe falsehoods, they post images that have obviously been photoshopped [and when this is pointed out to them- they delete the comment that tell them of such], the majority of their posts are against ethnicities, religions, homosexuals, cultures, etc- which makes me think that the page owner/moderator is a bigot/racist/homophobe. Oh, and if you disagree OR try to point out an error with one of their posts- don't worry, they will delete your comment. This FB page makes anyone that has ever been associated with Mecklenburg County look like an imbecile.


P.S.: I was elated when this page disappeared from FB. Tired of seeing it mentioned locally, in The Washington Post and on the blog where people take stories from The Onion [a satire news site] as fact. Just because one reads items on the internet does NOT mean they are true.


With the drama in today's politics, we have to have this to add to
the fire. I used to think Mecklenburg County had intelligent, wealthy
people, but now, I seriously question this-who could possibly be
influencing these people to display this behavior? Am I "sensitive"?
You might want to check yourself on the word and its true definition.
I have deployed three times, served my country, and stay away from
Mecklenburg county due to concepts such as this. My uncle, Albert
David Doggett, did not represent this type of garbage, nor did his
wife, the Mecklenburg County Public Health Nurse, Maragaret Dawn
Matthews Doggett. She delivered some of these characters-wow!
Just remember to vote-it is a free country, but be smart. If you
want to change the reputation, the economy, the picture of Mecklenburg,if you want to take back your town, your community, you
need to stand up and vote.

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