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South Boston News
On Sunday, workers with Southside Grave and Vault removed the Confederate soldier statue from the courthouse square, where the monument had stood for more than a century. / August 25, 2021
Nine months after the Mecklenburg County Board of Supervisors agreed to move Mecklenburg County’s Confederate soldier statue from the courthouse square, the monument is gone.

On Sunday, workers with Southside Grave and Vault relocated the statue from the spot it had occupied for more than 122 years to the Boydton Presbyterian Church cemetery on Hull Street.

The debate over what to do with the statue began in July 2020, when Supervisor Glanzy Spain asked board members to consider relocating the statue from the courthouse grounds. His request came as protests erupted around the country following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody — an outrage that catalyzed discussions about systemic racism and racist imagery in the U.S.

Public sentiment on removing the Confederate soldier statue was split mostly along racial lines as citizens weighed in on the question at a public hearing in September 2020. By November, the majority of supervisors aligned with those in favor of removing the statue perched in front of the Mecklenburg County Circuit Court building, though some balked at the initial cost.

Jimmy Cox, representing the local Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp, told board members at a prior meeting that the monument belonged to the citizens of Mecklenburg, who commissioned the statue and paid to have it constructed. Cox had asked that it be given to the Sons of Confederacy.

Instead, the monument was gifted to the Town of Boydton, with the understanding that it would be up to the town to find a suitable alternate site for the metal statue and granite base. County Attorney Russell Slayton told the board that under Virginia law Boydton had the first right to the statue.

The Board of Supervisors agreed to cover the costs to relocate it.

Supervisors David Brankley, Jim Jennings and Sterling Wilkerson voted against moving the monument while Claudia Lundy, Tom Tanner, Charles Jones, Andy Hargrove, Vice Chair Spain and Chairman Glenn Barbour favored relocating the 19-foot tall granite and bronze monolith.

County Administrator Wayne Carter was asked to solicit bids for moving the statue. At their January meeting, supervisors agreed to accept the low bid from Southside Grave and Vault, which came in at just over $60,000.

The Confederate monument has stood in full at the courthouse square in Boydton since 1909. It was erected in two parts. The granite base — with its inscriptions, “To the Confederate soldiers of Mecklenburg” and “From Bethel to Appomattox: 1861-1865” — was built in 1899 with funds raised by members of the L.A. Armistead Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 26. The nine-foot-tall bronze statue was added in 1909.

Local folklore has John Bowen, of the Third Virginia Cavalry, serving as the model for the statue, though the artist would have taken some license since Bowen lost an arm at the Battle of Yellow Tavern in May 1864.

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That monument had stood their for over 110 years. Now some thugs are offended by it and the BOS took the easy way out! People need to wake up we are no longer in a free republic, but one ruled by the people that are "offended" What a shame


Whom are these thugs you speak of? So you are offended that other people are offended? You make perfect sense.


The thugs that want to destroy history. I am not offended, I am mad. When conservatives get upset like we are now about tyrannical out of control "woke" government people like you get offended. It is time for conservatives to take a play from the pelosi and waters play book to get in their faces.


Good deal glad it is gone. Who erased history? Because the statue is gone means the civil war and all it's history has now dissapeared? Germany removed ALL nazi monuments and signs. Moved to museums- has history forgotton WW2? Nope. So what it stood for 110 years it shouldn't have stood for 110 seconds. He was and will always be traitor to the Union. 100% not worthy of a monument.


Allpolitical2, say you are a white supremacist without saying you are a white supremacist. I'd like to meet sometime face-to-face so we can discuss/debate your beliefs. Would you be willing to do that or will you just hide behind your keyboard?


There ya go again calling someone a white supremacist just because they think the statue should stay. You libtards need to come up with something else.

If you remember, there were 4 slave states that fought for the North/Union.

And if here in 2021 we can put up statue's and murals of George Floyd, as complete piece of crap. A man that held a gun to a pregnant woman's stomach whilst his thug buddies stole everything she owned, a man who was a whacked out drug addicted criminal. If we can memorialize him we can damn sure let a 100 year old statue of a confederate soldier remain.


Name the countries where slavery is still legal. I'll wait. All this staying history, and making anyone that's White with a point of view other than what's considered "woke" a White supremacist is changing slot of the once liberal voters onto the conservative ticket by and large. How one could vote with the left and their hypocrisy towards what is now racism is beyond me. I have never voted republican, cared for any political leaning news, etc., but to be made out to be a racist just by the color of ones skin or different POV is a policy I hope backfires and does so miserably.


Name a country that has monuments or statues for traitors and seditionists? I'll wait.


One man's traitor is another man's freedom fighter.

Was George Washington a traitor?


Typical white victimhood narrative. Maybe you cuckservatives should come up with something else, but your heads are still stuck in 1861-1865.


lol George won his war - spoils go to the victor. There are no monuments nor statues of Washington in the UK. Yes he was a traitor to the Crown.


Jay, yes there are monuments in England, don't know history. It is in Trafalgar Square. Also there are monuments to many German troops from Ww2 in germany. Rommel comes to mine. You need to look up the definition of treason guys. The Confederacy wanted to leave the union in peace. It really shows that you people don't know history.


The Washington statue is on grounds of a Museum where it belongs. The Rommel staue is beside who defeated him. The British General Bernard Law Montgomery.


White guilt killing you, lmao...

All this virtue signaling is nonsense


Yhea u got me its killing me smh.. killing you the Obama admin lasted 2x longer than the Confederacy 4yrs vs 8yrs. End of the day - statue is gone end of story, take the L


Yep an obama did more damage to the union then the Confederacy. So tell me how you life has improved with the county spending money to move the statue or the state destroying Monument AVe in Richmond? Tourist was leaving Richmond before Rona. DemoRats just don't have a clue do you jay?


Allpolitical2, please state your sources? Just go ahead and say it--sound the words out, "Richmond is becoming more liberal and LESS white." Do you really think people are making a pilgrimage to Richmond to see some old asshole on a horse that died in 1863?


Bruh ... I'm dead lol ^^^ in the deceased aholes defense i've traveled round the globe to see some old shi. Statues n monuments for the stars n bars nelong in museums.


To Real and Jay, when you can't argue facts, out come the name calling. Look at the numbers from the Virginia Tourism agency. Yes many people traveled to look at those monuments, that were put up to honor men of integrity and bravery. (something which you two lack) The statues in the museum of the old house chamber were removed. How has your life improved, since the thugs tore down Monument Ave. Do a little research before you spout off.


Allpolitical2, post the link if you are even capable of doing that. Give me a number/statistic anything to back your point up. No one with a rational thought is taking you seriously and that must burn your hide.

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