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Freshour responds to TV segment on prohibited raffle fundraiser / October 17, 2013
Commonwealth’s Attorney Michael Freshour, responding to a televised news segment on a prohibited raffle fundraiser conducted by his campaign, criticized the WSET-TV report as “full of conjecture but lacking in facts” after it aired last night.

The Lynchburg-based ABC affiliate reported Wednesday that Freshour had conducted a fundraising raffle for tickets to a Martinsville NASCAR race to raise money for his campaign for a full term as Commonwealth's Attorney against challenger Tracey Quackenbush Martin. State code section 18.2-340.15 bars political organizations in Virginia, under any circumstance, from using raffles as a fundraising tool.

Freshour, in a written statement, acknowledged his campaign received donated truck race tickets and the campaign committee “decided to use the tickets to raise funds for the campaign. Last week, it came to my attention that the method my campaign was using may not be acceptable according to the Virginia State Board of Elections guidelines.

“I immediately made contact with the State Board of Elections and fully disclosed all details of my campaign’s efforts regarding the race tickets. The State Board of Elections informed me that the method my campaign was using did not fit within the Board’s guidelines for raising campaign funds and that my campaign would have to return any funds collected regarding the race tickets.”

Freshour said he and his campaign “fully cooperated with the State Board of Elections” and all funds are being returned to the persons who made donations.

He also said he has spoken to a representative of the State Board of Elections and “the Board is fully satisfied with the way in which I responded to this situation and indicated my campaign is in good standing.”

Freshour criticized the WSET-TV report for not mentioning “I made full disclosure to the State Board of Elections and fully cooperated with the Board to resolve the situation ….”

In an interview with WSET, Freshour said he “made a mistake” and “there was no intent to break the law,” according to a version of the story posted on station’s website,

WSET further quoted Freshour as saying: “We saw that we made a mistake after we printed it and we decided to go ahead and give the tickets away, we will do that. But we are not going to keep the money, we are giving the money back.”

In his statement issued Thursday afternoon, Freshour criticized the tone of the WSET report and the way the interview had been handled.

“Yesterday afternoon, after more than an hour trying a case in Circuit Court, upon exiting the Courthouse, I was blocked by a person with a microphone followed by a cameraman. This person never approached me before hand and never indicated to me what the purpose of the questions were before filming,” Freshour stated in the release.

“Unfortunately, the ‘report’ filed by this person was full of conjecture but lacking in facts. As stated above, the State Board of Elections has indicated to me it is satisfied with the way in which I handled this situation and in fact, the situation was resolved prior to yesterday; none of this was included in the report that aired. Additionally, the fact that I made full disclosure to the State Board of Elections and fully cooperated with the Board to resolve the situation was also not part of the report.”

Reached via e-mail for comment, WSET President Randy Smith replied, "WSET fully stands by all aspects of that report."

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Noblin now Freshour, not again. This man is the top law enforcement officer for Halifax County and he DOESN'T KNOW THE LAW FOR HIM TO GET ELECTED. Voters better think long and hard before punching the block for this guy. Sounds like he gets mad if he gets caught too!!!
It's up to you voters of Halifax County? Really want to take a chance with this guy?????


Oh please. He did exactly what he was supposed to do, contacted the SBE and made full diclosure. If you ask me this speaks volumes of a man with Integrity. Something that can not be said of Quackenbush, she has had many problems with being unresponsive to clients or asking to be removed as the attorney of record. All public information check this out.. Has she ever stood before a jury in court? Check it out, she is an amateur and not a very good one.


The fact is that the "full disclosure" did not occur until after it was pointed out that an irregularity--if not an illegality--had been committed. Freshour's initial response was that hadn't known that any laws or rules were being broken. Would he accept ignorance of the law as a defense when prosecuting an offender? If not, how can he, as the chief law enforcement officer of this county--who of all people should be aware of the law--expect to have that excuse accepted?


"Concerned" argues from both innuendo and ignorance. All attorneys will at one time or another recuse themselves if there is a conflict of interest or some other legitimate reason for asking to be removed from a case. In almost every instance such a decision is made with the best interest of their client in mind. And, yes, Quackenbush has stood before a jury...she is a professional trial attorney and as a result has appeared in court hundreds of times over the fifteen years she has been practicing.


"Concerned" the facts stand for themselves. What he did is illegal. No one was aware of it until the press called him out on it. It's a safe bet that you never would have heard about it were it not for them. Secondly, do you know how uninformed you sound when you say that Tracy has never stood before a jury? She is far from amateur. She has ran a very successful law office for several years and worked with Ted Bennett and the Public Defender's officer prior to that. If you want to talk amateur you should start with Mike with his amateur "mistake" in not being able to understand the basic rules for raising campaign funds.


I would never vote for Freshour. While residing at the corner of Traver and Fenton, he remained oblivious/indifferent to nearby failure in crime enforcement. He eventually fled to a 'better' address. He will ignore you in public if he deems that you have no value to his profession or family.

I see in the video that Freshour is doing all he can to move away from the reporter to address a matter, so typical.

These people and all those that have ties to them should be removed from their office/position: Justice Kim White, DA Freshour, former Sherrif Noblin employees, Police Chief Binner, South Boston Town Maanger Ted Daniel. This County needs a clean slate.


Well it is obvious I opened a can of QUACKENBUSH supporters. As once was said, Me thinks tho doth protest too much! Google it. I have been in and around the courts systems for many many years. (no not as a defendant) She is an extremely lack luster attorney. God Help the county if she is elected. You do know that she Party Shopped before the election don't you? Oh yes showed up at 1 meeting and claims to be a Republican. She is a dyed in the wool LIBERAL against the Death Penalty Pro Abortion. You name it. Watch how may walk the streets if she gets elected. Come on Freshour supporters. Don't let them monopolize this comment section. I do believe that one person has several names on this post.


That's right "Concerned". There are many of us showing our support for Tracy. And you appear to be of the same ilk that routinely defends Mike. I too have been around the court system for many years and, like you, not as a defendant. I can tell you one thing for certain, Tracy has never gone around telling blatant lies like the one you just posted. But, what I am aware of is that his campaign has gone out and blatantly lied to the public by telling them that she has never tried a case in front of a judge or jury and that she is anti death penalty. I guess your hope is that the average voter is too stupid to be able to verify those things for themselves. Also, I do not speak for her, but I can tell you that her beliefs about religion, abortion or anything along those lines have zero to do with the position of Commonwealth's Attorney. And if all you have to support your candidate is lies and innuendo, then I can see why you are "concerned".


Oh please. She is such a phony. Come on. The thing about NOT trying a case is PUBLIC RECORD!! Go to the court and check it yourself. Unlike you I do not think voters are stupid, that is something the Quackenbush supporters are hoping for. Kinda like voting in Obama for a second term. Why don't ya check the record of what she told the Senate committee about the Judgeship for Domestic Court. She said "I HAVE SPENT MOST OF MY CAREER IN DOMESTIC COURT" Don't believe me? Records of committee records can be gotten from the State Senate. Call up there they will direct you. You can ask Senators Stanley and Ruff they were committee members. I am sure they will provide a transcript. Here is the link. See I provide facts and information. What do you have? LIP SERVICE


Wow. Must have struck a nerve there "concerned" if the only thing you can do is call people names and lie. So far, you have called her a phony, lack luster and a died in the wool liberal. Yep, you are really providing facts and information. Sounds like a lot of pettiness that stems from your dislike of her and nothing at all to do with facts. The truth is you are a blatant liar if you say that she has never tried a case. I don't have to check court records. I have personally been present in court and witnessed her try cases. Mike must be really proud to have supporters such as yourself to fight his battles. Since telling lies is not working for you, now you are now trying to make some connection to her and the Obama administration?? You really are desperate. Lip service is your forte'. Own it.


You should be concerned, sounds like he may have ben charged with a crime, convicted maybe??? Probably a favor from a former CA to look the other way, polotically selfserving. Freshour, like it or not was very wrong and presentley occupies the position of Top Law Enforcement Officer of this county. You and everybody else knows, he should have known better and would have if he was a compitent attorney. Ignorance or the law is no excuse!!!!



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