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Vernon Hill man dies in motorcycle crash

A Vernon Hill man was killed Friday afternoon when the motorcycle he was operating slid off the gravel shoulder of State Route 360 and crashed.

Smoker tax runs into flak as South Boston puts off action

South Boston Town Council on Monday night put off action on a proposed 25 cent-per-pack cigarette tax after a number of speakers at a public hearing criticized the levy as…


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Halifax County Public Schools closed Monday / October 29, 2012
Halifax County and Mecklenburg public schools are closed today. Southside Virginia Community College has cancelled classes, as has at the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center.

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Hm- closing schools for a little wind and rain. Y'all make sure to run to the Food Lion and clean them out of milk and bread while you're at it.

No forecast I've seen has indicated Halifax will get more than a soaking rain or sustained 20 mph winds with up to 50 mph gusts- normal seasonal weather for the time of year. But, by doing this the local Emergency Services folks can chest thump and say "look what we did and how prepared we were!" which I understand is important in those circles- bragging rights as it were. I mean, really- what are the odds of a wind gust turning over a school bus?

Then God help us if we ever do have a serious weather event. :rolleyes


We are talking about the safety of children knot-head!!!! You can't be too safe!!


No knot head joeblow. Alll halifax wants to do is make sure they can start before labor day. If I was on the SB, I would be on this new persons butt about this. Severe weather is suppose to happen further west! Pittsylvania are in session as well as Henery. Where the wind is really blowing. I cannot belive the idots we have running the school system.


"We are talking about the safety of children knot-head!!!! You can't be too safe!!"

Being in the safety business, I can assure you that you CAN be "too safe"- to the point you cannot get anything accomplished. You have to use a little common sense along with safety training- THEN you will be safe.

As it is, AP2 has it right. They're not worried about student safety as much as they are juggling that schedule to justify a pre-Labor Day start. Throw in a few trial lawyers who are itching for a liability lawsuit to pass their time and line their pockets and you have "THE PERFECT STORM" ! Moreso than you have a real threat of severe weather here in the next several days.

Besides, other than the near nil chance of toppling a school bus, 50 mph winds are a non-issue. Every school building in Halifax County is built to withstand 50 mph sustained winds.

Bad call on someone's part, esp since schools in counties to the north and west are in session.


What people dont understand they are keeping children safe. not a bad call a good call you people must not have children. These people laughing asking why dont care about there kids just looking for a sitter.


Ignorance and absurdity abounds!!!!!


They're trying to head off lawsuits. That's what it boils down to. That's what it always boils down to. Why else would a school system cancel school on a remote forecast of snow? And yes, Halifax, Pittsylvania and City of Danville have all done that in recent years, only to wake up and find no snow/ice/sleet/whatever. Then they've wasted a day of instruction as well as clipped spring break or extended the school year almost to July.

My kids are out of school many years now, and they never missed school for a weather non-event like we are having now. What about working parents who had to make arrangements for child care at the last minute? Do you think an employer is going to entertain the excuse of couldn't find a sitter for my kids? FMLA does not extend that far, my friends.

No more of a storm than we've had here or are forecast to have tomorrow, it's difficult to justify this call. Especially when other school systems more in the storm's track are open.


Sarah, I have to assume you're not a working parent. If you can do that, great, but most folks I know with kids are having a hard enough time on two incomes.

Your take is they're trying to keep kids safe. Worthwhile, but you're also rearing a child who as an adult won't know how to deal with bad weather or whatever else comes along. Making a living does not stop just because the wind kicks up a little. An employer is not going to listen to such an excuse.

Would you refuse to take your child to dance, music or karate lessons if their studios stayed open during a storm like this? Basketball practice? or any of the myriad things kids get involved with?

My point is life can't come to a screeching halt over a minor weather event, and no matter what the media hype says, in this area it is a minor weather event. Friends in New Jersey and Long Island are getting beat to pieces by this thing, but here in li'l ole Halifax County Vajenya, they've closed schools over a strong breeze.

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