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South Boston News
Albert Randolph / June 04, 2014

Halifax County High School has a new interim principal to replace Albert Randolph, who is being transferred to the Halifax County Middle School to serve as assistant principal there.

Randolph Wednesday said he “had been informed” that he will be reassigned to Halifax County Middle School. He declined to further comment on how he learned of the change.

Randolph, who has been at the high school for the past 14 years, said he enjoyed his time at HCHS. He added that he has been “very supportive of the school and its students.”

Randolph said he was not sure of the exact time of his move.

For the present time, Mike Lewis will serve as interim principal at the high school with four assistants, Vince Newton, Martha Chandler, Kevin Davis and Dawn Miller. One will be named interim associate principal.

Randolph’s transfer to the middle school and a lesser position did not require a vote of the School Board. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Merle Herndon has the authority to transfer personnel to new responsibilities, although pay levels are determined by the School Board.

Trustees are expected to deal with administrative changes when they meet in closed session next Monday night for their regular monthly session.

Following a closed session of school trustees on Monday night. several other changes were announced:

the transfer of Chris Lacks from coordinator of Alternative Education to the position of a physical education teacher at the high school.

Sherman LaPrade will move from the Middle School to become Alternative Education coordinator.

Barbara Owen will transfer from the SPED lead teacher at the Central Office to SPED lead teacher at the Middle School.

Board members also voted to terminate Cheryl O. Reaves from her teaching position immediately, and William C. Wilborn Sr.’s position at the Motor Sports Academy was also terminated on a 7-1 vote with ED-8 trustee Walter Potts opposing.

On a 6-2 vote, the board approved a pay stipend for teachers in critical need areas in math if they make a three year commitment to remain in their positions.

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Thank you to all you wonderful people that have ruined mine and my family's life. Thank you for not realizing who would be affected by your screwed up decision. All you people do is try to screw with everyone's lives just because you have the power to do so. Thank you for making me able to handle any stupid, ridiculous, unfair issue that comes my way. You people had no right to do what you did to my mother and I hope every last one of you read this. I'm so glad I only have one more year in this pathetic school system we have here in Halifax county.


Why are there closed discussion meetings involving public servants? Should taxpayers who pay those salaries know whether they are getting a good return on their investments? Let me guess we're supposed to trust the school board? I'm sure the LORP non-recipients could see the ignorance of that statement. If privacy is the concern that's hilarious! The federal government thinks TSA agents can fondle my testicles in the name of safety before I can board an airplane, the NSA may very well have the ability to give proctology exams with its spying capability, the border patrol has checkpoints 100 miles away from any border where people get questioned regarding citizenship as if they are at a Nazi checkpoint being asked for their travel papers, and yet we get to hear about closed door meetings with no comment from PUBLIC employees trusted with influencing the minds of what some might argue is this nations most important asset.


I think anyone that is paid by salary generated by taxpayer's money should be able to attend meetings. The parents of students should at least be able to seat in the meetings and make comment, because this school system and what goes on in it effect the children and their education. There is so many things that should be corrected in this County. The way you dismiss people from your work force as it they had done the worst thing. You could choose to be kinder and think about the person's family, and how they feel. These people still have to live in Halifax and I'm sure go sat in front of another person looking for a new job. Be kind with your actions not just push your power around.


I am so glad I no longer teach in Halifax County and even more glad that I am now finally retired from the teaching profession.
Albert Randolph is first a gentleman and second a great administrator who cares about his employees. He treated me fairly and was someone you could talk to if you had a problem.
He did his job and in return he is now being moved to the position of assistant principal at the middle school. Now the high school will be run by a principal and assistant principals who, combined, have less experience as administrators as Mr. Randolph has years in teaching and administration all together!!! There is a problem here..... The school board needs to take a look at the decisions it is making and to all who think they are better than others; please remember that Karma (and no I don't mean the ball python who lives in Drew's room) can come back to visit you. Hope these people who have created havoc is people's lives can sleep well at night!!!!


If I'm not mistaken, Randolph has been the principal of the high school since 2000. He has a 14 year tenure as principal, and now he's being demoted? For what? Notice, as with many things, Herndon didn't cite a reason for this "shuffle." I'm not surprised -- this school system has poor leadership, if that's what you want to call it. Randolph is being demoted simply to force him into retirement. No superintendent has ever had such a notorious track record with retirees or those of retiring age than Herndon. Yet she sits on the stage at graduation fanning herself with a purple Chinese fan (she's into feng shui) with her head held high championing everyone else's accomplishments. She, as well as other members of the school board, will learn the hard way that the faculty keep the system running.



The only way anything will ever be accomplished with this school system is to clean house. Get rid of Herndon. Threaten each of the board members with their seats if they try to deviate from our wishes. Each and every one of those board members have no credibility and no qualifications to hold such positions.


I worked with Mr. Randolph for 7 years as a teacher at HCHS. He always championed what was best for the students and the school. It makes me sad to see him disrespected like this. He deserves better.


Really, for anyone who has followed the school system for any length of time--Are you really surprised?? Some things never change on how to deal with people professionally!!!!! Enough said!!!!


Threaten those seats all you want tennisfan23, but elections matter and one district let Hopkins back in and another district only needed one more person to vote for the challenger and fate was determined by a coin flip. I'm not pleased but I'm in no way shocked by the rule of cult of personality. South Boston, Richmond, there truly a difference?


Lewis the laziest man of South Boston is taking over? Too funny. The staff and students see him as a joke. Randolph deserved better. Oh well? This year will show just how lazy and lousy Lewis is.


Nevermind being lazy, he has never really taught anything before being given a principal job by Stapleton. Wasn't a huge randolph fan, but he got screwed. But he isn't the first person, and im sure not the last who has gotten shafted by Herndon. This place is an unbelievalbe joke.


It seems as if the new superintendent gets whatever she wants and everyone wants to make her happy, so look out anyone who gets in her way. She even looks to hire out of town companies to do jobs that could be accomplished by local business owners/taxpayers and there is no one that can stop her. The politics in this county are ridiculous that these things should take place and we just have mostly rubber stampers on our school board. I applaud Walter Potts for questioning the status quo and trying to make people accountable.


Mr.Randolph was a joy to work for. He cared about being fair to all his employees and the students under his leadership. You could count on him always being at work and visible every day. Every faculty meeting he asked for your concerns and listened. He is not perfect and he would be the first person to admit that, but he in no way deserves the humiliatingly and unprofessional way he has been treated by The School Board and Superintendent Herndon. Shame on all of you!


I predict that before the first month of the new school year is over, The School Board and Superintendent Herndon will deeply regret this inept move.


Merle Herndon's lack of leadership skills is appalling. She uses a bull-in-a-china-shop approach to management; barrel on through and destroy everything in your way. She answers to no one and no one requires answers from her. Attention School Board members: It is your job to demand answers from her no matter how evasive she tries to be. "Because I can" never has been and never will be an acceptable answer from someone in her position.
Albert Randolph did nothing to deserve this kind of treatment. People believe that it was Herndon's goal to deliberately humiliate him. Most of the time, people are moved up to a Central Office position as a 'punishment'. So why has Randolph been demoted to the role of Middle School assistant principal?
This is not the first time that Herndon has used public humiliation as a management tool. She wanted Melanie Stanley out of the Central Office so she sent her to the high school as an assistant principal.


Having had three daughters go through HCHS, I have had a multitude of dealings with Mr. Randolph and he was great. Accessible, professional, sensitive and very kind. I left SoBo three years ago because of the continued devolving of the community. Sad because it was a charming town when I moved there 15 years ago.


What is wrong with this woman taking a man out from his position as Halifax County High School Principal that is on a MISSION FOR ALL OF OUR CHILDREN. What happens to the MISSION?


This county is all screwed up anyway. We got uneducated people in high positions that don't have a clue. Such as the 911 director Wendy Jones, she's an idiot and has no clue on what she is doing. She is one of the least educated people in this county trying to run a 911 center. Our lives depends on that place and I hate to see something happen to a citizen due to her lack of knowledge.


Let us see. Herdon has screwed the retirees and high school principal. What about the so called "gas gate"? Is that under the covers along with other issues.


This county is all screwed up anyway. We got uneducated people in high positions that don't have a clue on what they are doing. Such as the 911 director, Wendy Jones, she's an idiot and has no clue on what she is doing. She is one of the least educated people in this county trying to run a 911 center. Our lives depends on that 911 center, and I hate for something to happen to a citizen due to her lack of knowledge. If anyone need to be demoted it should be her, she a complete idiot, with her alternative education high school diploma.

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