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Halifax prepares budget for vote

$100 mil cost cap for proposed Mecklenburg County school complex is elusive goal

After scaling back building’s scope, construction budget still comes up millions short

Let’s go relay


Coach of the year





McAuliffe, Gillespie to speak at rural economic summit in South Boston / September 25, 2017
Gov. Terry McAuliffe will visit South Boston today to deliver the keynote address at the annual Governor’s Summit on Rural Prosperity, hosted by the Virginia Rural Center on Innovative Solutions – the Catalyst for Regional Economic Development.

The two-day summit at the Berry Hill Resort & Conference Center will feature the governor’s keynote, a welcome address by Ed Gillespie, Republican candidate for Virginia governor and a closing featured address by Stephen Moret, president and CEO of the Virginia Economic Development Partnership.

Panel discussions with policy experts will highlight innovations in broadband connectivity, state economic development initiatives, clean energy as an economic development tool, regional asset development and entrepreneurship, and innovative workforce solutions.

Economic development officials, elected officials, business and community leaders, local government officials, trade organizations and policymakers from across the Commonwealth will be in attendance during the event.

The Virginia Rural Center is a collaborative partnership of the Center for Rural Virginia and the Council for Rural Virginia, which work together on a joint mission to work with policymakers and stakeholders to create innovative solutions and expand entrepreneurial opportunities to ensure economic prosperity for all regions in the Commonwealth.

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Just what everyone wants to listen to. Enjoy the ride Ed Gillespie. The 60 year old internet illiterates who gave you the nomination aren't going to live forever. The younger generation knows you for what you are, a George Bush holdover willing to rape and pillage this country selling out to whatever foreign interest is willing to pay you more money. Your lobbying firm; "Quinn Gillespie’s single biggest client, the British Columbia Lumber Trade Council, spent $1.78 million on lobbying in a failed effort to remove U.S. tariffs on Canadian softwood lumber."
Now Trump comes along to fight you globalist new world order sellouts and having to reverse your corrupt anti American worker policies and trade deals.


From Bill Clinton selling our missile technology to the Chinese, COSCO building plants in America, Donald Rumsfeld and ABB building nuclear reactors in North Korea, Jimmy Carter selling out the Panama Canal or that rat George Bush's attempt to turn our US ports over to Dubai the American people are sick of you sell out self serving traitors. Go back to parking cars! I'll vote for Mickey Mouse. And don't even get me started on the corrupt Clinton sycophant.


See what I mean?
You thickheaded Republicans don't understand. IT'S NOT ABOUT TRUMP!
It's about the message. Luther Strange made $150,000 last year selling visas to foreigners and was supported by Mitch McConnell who has spent 32 years in the U.S. Senate. The American people are sick of watching this country being sold out. Change your corrupt trade deals in favor of communist slave labor, bring back our factories, and give us a chance to work or get out of the way.


I am certainly glad to see "a degree of maturity stepping in"
from the guy in favor of TPP and against Trump's "temporary Muslim ban".


And seriously Governor, were these Democrats selling information to Pakistan or are Democrats just that stupid when it comes to compusec? Geez what is wrong with you people? Clinton transmitting classified information and using bleach bit, heck she even had the FBI destroying equipment for her, now 80 or more congressional computers compromised by the foreign agent Awan brothers. And Debbie Blabbermouth Shultz keeping them on the payroll knowing they were in trouble and actually threatening the Capitol Police Chief (at a televised meeting) over a computer first she said was hers and then claimed to have never seen. You people remind me of Eric Cantor. You're a joke.


Not all of the country is as stupid as you all apparently think. We're not so removed from reality and stuffing our faces with Cheetos while watching NFL football not to know that Steve Wasserman is the Assistant US Attorney for D.C. Trump gets a special counsel who happens to be close friends with James Comey who admits during a congressional hearing he leaked classified information so Mueller would be appointed and Debbie Wasserman Shultz gets her brother and his office to investigate her? You all make a mockery of law and justice. You're like a bunch of Anthony Weiners. You just can't seem to help yourselves and you don't know when to stop.

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