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South Boston News
Former Halifax County sheriff Stanley Noblin / November 15, 2012
Former Sheriff Stanley Noblin, indicted Tuesday by a Halifax County grand jury on 21 counts of embezzlement and forgery of public documents, is making arrangements to turn himself in to answer the charges, a State Police spokesman confirmed yesterday.

Noblin has yet to report to authorities, but he has been in contact with State Police through his lawyer to make preparations for a bond hearing. At that time, a magistrate is expected to set bond for Noblin to remain free pending future hearings.

“I know we [have been] working with his attorney to make that happen,” said Virginia State Police spokesperson Corinne Geller.

The special prosecutor assigned to the case, Southampton County Commonwealth’s Attorney Eric Cooke, declined comment yesterday on the indictments, issued more than a year after State Police first opened its investigation at the behest of the Attorney General’s office.

If convicted, Noblin could face up to 20 years in prison on each of seven embezzlement counts. He also was indicted on 14 felony charges of forging public documents.

The grand jury determined that credible evidence exists to warrant a trial of the former lawman, who left office under a cloud after losing his bid for re-election last November to current Sheriff Fred Clark.

Noblin is suspected of taking county drug enforcement funds and state asset forfeiture proceeds for his own use, with search warrants filed in the case indicating that up to $113,180.50 is unaccounted for. The indictments allege that Noblin embezzled the funds over a period from April 2009 to June 2011.

Allegations of wrongdoing by Noblin date back to late summer 2011, when former Sheriff Jeff Oakes took his suspicions to then-Commonwealth’s Attorney Kim White. That meeting set off a chain of events that led to White’s recusal and the appointment of Cooke, the special prosecutor, even as Noblin was in the midst of running for re-election. On several occasions during the campaign, Noblin dismissed the allegations as politically motivated, with his supporters singling out Oakes as embittered by his loss to Noblin in the 2007 sheriff’s campaign four years earlier.

An affidavit submitted with a Sept. 25 search warrant on file at the Halifax Courthouse states that Noblin took office with more than $30,000 in cashiers checks and cash in the sheriff’s office safe, money inherited from the Oakes administration. Of that amount, $13,695 was transferred via checks made payable to the Halifax County Sheriff. The affidavit, filed by State Police special agent/accountant William Talbert, states that another $5,000 in cash was withdrawn by the sheriff.

Other missing funds include $48,5000 in state asset forfeiture proceeds and $34,500 from the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office drug task force fund. The former sum represents money that is returned to localities from the state after the sale of assets seized in criminal investigations; the latter sum represents direct appropriations to the drug task force from the county supervisors.

According to the affidavit, Noblin authorized the withdrawal of funds with requests on the Sheriff’s Office letterhead from May 2009 to March 2011, roughly the same period covered in Tuesday’s indictments. The letters were submitted to the Treasurer’s Office after the withdrawals.

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In reference to the conspiracy theories and the people blaming this on political vengeance...You write the story and forget to point out that Oakes submitted freedom of information request for the supporting documents that began this investigation. That paperwork was given to Mrs. White. Oakes did go to White with random thought or suspicions. I do not disagree Oakes had an axe to grind however this is not fabricated or manipulative evidence. This was documents anyone had access to but only Oakes asked for it. SO everyone needs to be more concerned at the fraud and wrong doings committed to the citizens of Halifax County. If Noblin had properly handled the monies there would have not been an investigation or charges filed. Potentially, Noblin provided his own undoing.


Oakes did NOT go to White with random thoughts or suspicions.


Unless you are all perfect (those making negative comments), I would suggest not speaking. Casting stones?? I hope all of you do not live in glass houses. Your ignorant, hurtful comments are unnecessary! Concerned citizens... if you have an opinion at least have guts enough to post your name and stand behind your words. Remember.. innocent until proven guilty... just like it would be with all the "concerned citizens" of Halix/SB.


Oakes had an axe. I would like to know how pulliam spent this money. Also the rumors of missing drugs an money under Oakes were always rampant. I would not be surprised IMO that Oakes is behind this


Wow. Education time, boys and girls.

Let's review
- Jeff looked for and allegedly found wrongdoing on the part of Noblin (albeit he had an axe)
- He then Turned it over to Kim. (no axe)
- Kim then contacted a judge (no axe) to appoint another prosecutor to look into it to avoid a seemingly conflict of intrest. He appointed Cooke.
-Cooke (no axe) seeing something fishy asked the VA attorney general (no axe) to approve investigation of sitting Sherriff, which he did.
- State police officer (no axe) investigates.
- Cooke presents evidence to grand jury (no axe) who returns true bill.

Seems to me that several law enforcement (and regular Halifax citizens on a grand jury) smell a rat. Folks, the "it's jeff's fault" mess lost its validity several stages ago in the process.


Wow, I’ll try to respond while I laugh at your pathetic post. Not perfect individual-your title should be- “Noblin supporter no matter what”. If you are-no problem, that’s fine but IMO you are guilty of what you accuse me of. Ignorant, hurtful comments? Where is that in my comments and your juvenile statement about guts and post your name is really funny. I did not say he was guilty and I absolutely believe innocence until proven guilty. My comments are about exactly what you are ranting about - all the political vengeance nonsense and not the matter at hand- where is the county’s money and did Noblin embezzle the funds. If anyone thinks Oakes could “be behind this” which insinuates he “set” Noblin up is IMO stupid and ignorant. No doubt Oakes has an axe to grind but that does not quantify the theory he set Noblin up. Oakes could be called the catalyst, since he obtained the freedom of information documents.


It would be next to impossible for Oakes to create this evidence and set Noblin up. If there was a shred of evidence of a set up there would have not been charges brought forward. Most importantly, Noblin had an opportunity to clarify this situation with Mrs. White last year before the investigation began or at any other time during the investigation. Evidently, he chose not to. Noblin will have his day in court to clear this matter up. So take your self serving anger somewhere else.


This whole mess is just sad. Noblin is not a stupid fellow-I can't believe he would walk away with 110 rand and think he wouldn't be found out. If he did do it, well, I wonder who put him up to it.


"Oakes could be called the catalyst, since he obtained the freedom of information documents"

Interesting, since FOIA was routinely ignored by the Oakes administration. An FOIA request would energise the force fields around that office.

I'm neither Noblin nor Oakes supporter, but I do support transparency and integrity in law enforcement. I saw more of that with Noblin than I did with Oakes, not that either was much better than the other. Oakes always struck me as a whiny, egomaniacal brat who wanted to be lionised by his peers- the kind of guy who wasn't disciplined as a kid and was constantly told he was the best that's ever been.


Oakes and Pulliam for sure committed many more crimes than a naive Noblin. Noblin was NOT a good sheriff, let's get that straight. They (Oakes-Pulliam), are much better criminals than Noblin. Noblin's inexperience was his downfall. Noblin was not supervisor material. I too did not support Oakes, Noblin or Clark in the last election. Clark was supported by the Bitter, Childish, Hatemongering Oakes. Choose your friends carefully Sheriff Clark! Oakes was always a disgrace to this county.

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