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On the scene of a coup at the Capitol

South Boston NewsSouth Boston News
Halifax County native Jordan Clifford took the photo of FBI agents patrolling the halls of the Capitol amid mob violence this week to stop the electoral college certification of Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential race. Clifford works as a videographer for Newsmax, a pro-Trump network that falsely claimed voter fraud in the presidential election outcome. / January 11, 2021
Halifax County native Jordan Clifford, now a TV cameraman, was among those trapped inside the Capitol for five harrowing hours last week when extremist Trump supporters attacked the building.

Clifford is a producer and videographer for Newsmax, a pro-Trump network. He works from Washington, D.C.

Wednesday, Clifford was working at the Capitol, expecting to cover the certification of the Electoral College votes for Biden. Typically, Clifford is stationed at the White House, but the Newsmax reporter for the Capitol was returning from Atlanta having after covered the run-off Senate elections there the day before.

While recording several live feeds from the third floor (where the media sets up) of the Capitol, there was loud banging and echoes of yelling coming from the first floor.

“All we could hear was ‘Media, media evacuate,’ coming from Capitol Hill police officers,” said Clifford, adding that the acoustics made it difficult to comprehend what was happening.

Clifford began grabbing as much as he could, including a full battery and his live-view camera.

The Fox News crew near Clifford was questioning what was going on and the possibility of a fire drill. “We all had a great sense of urgency to grab what we could,” said Clifford.

“As we flew to the basement, there was not a lot of information gathered. It was a maze down there. There was a mixture of media personnel and staffers trying to locate their Congress people. I saw four security guards usher [Congresswoman] Ilhan Omar into an elevator,” said Clifford, adding that she had a high-security detail.

“We tried to go back upstairs twice, and a guard yelled ‘Get back down, we are on lockdown,’” he recalled.

At this point, Clifford and the Newsmax correspondent he works with, Emerald Robinson, were relying on word from reporters who were talking with people on the outside. That was until they found televisions streaming the live feed in the basement cantina.

“All it took was the need for more caffeine to see people climbing the Capitol building,” said Clifford.

There were two televisions in the cantina’s Dunkin’ doughnut shop: One screen was broadcasting CNN and the other Fox News.

When CNN showed the standoff on the House floor, “everyone in the cantina stood up with their eyes glued to the screen,” said Clifford.

Members of Congress were instructed to take out their emergency bubble masks that covered their entire head to protect them from tear gas that was released to fight off the intruders who had breached the Capitol.

“The bubble-head mask made everyone look futuristic,” said Clifford, who was kept in the basement with other media, members of Congress and staff for five hours.

“Every time a guard would pass, someone would ask could we return upstairs or leave the building. There was no information available to the Capitol Police or anyone in the lockdown bunker of the basement.”

“The Capitol was severely understaffed until the FBI and National Guard arrived,” said Clifford.

Clifford said the U. S. Capitol has a 2,300-person workforce and only 500 were working that day. His correspondent, Robinson, had expressed that morning that she felt something was going to happen, and she thought the attack had been orchestrated and planned in advance based on posts she saw on the conservative social media platform Parler.

“With a Trump rally a mile down the road on Pennsylvania Avenue, why was the Capitol so short staffed?” asked Clifford.

“These were most definitely Trump supporters; you could tell because they were not wearing face masks. After covering many Trump rallies, they are easy to identify. They were not associated with Antifa,” said Clifford.

Rumors that Antifa, not Trump extremists, perpetrated the attack “were proven blatantly false,” said Clifford.

“There was an eight-foot fence easily accessible that security raised the next day; why was it not in place on Wednesday?” asked Clifford.

As for being afraid, “It wasn’t until I saw images on the cantina televisions of the woman climbing over shoulders to get through the doors and people scaling the walls when I became horrified,” said Clifford.

Everyone was allowed back to the Capitol Rotunda floor around 7 p.m., after the FBI swept the building of intruders and searched for bombs.

“Once we were released from the basement, we were still instructed to not stand near the windows,” said Clifford. “We got word at 8:30 p.m., after Congress reconvened, we could leave the South Capitol Building exit. We filmed one more live hit at 9:30 p.m. before we left.”

“After many mixed signals, I am thankful to be safe,” said Clifford.

Clifford is a native of Halifax County. He graduated from Halifax County High School in 2012 and later from James Madison University. His mother, Kathryn Hite, is a travel nurse currently working in Farmville. His father, Alan Clifford, lives in Asheboro, N.C. Jordan’s aunt, Cheryl Fuller, and two cousins, Christie Fuller Newcomb and Kelly Vaughan, live in Buffalo Junction. Clifford lives with his girlfriend, Carlie Skellington, in Bethesda, Md.

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Coup? was a bunch of pissed off right wingers just doing what they have seen being done all year long - going apesh*t and tearing up stuff.

The left leaning media condemn it, which they should, but excuse the same exact behavior from BLM and Antifa.


Totally agree Tired! There has been multiple statements etc that proved election fraud. The courts did not rule on the merits, but stated that no one had standing to file suit. As for the plants, if you are going to infiltrate a group, you dress like them, that is spy 101 stuff. If I was newsmax, I would look into this guy to make sure he is not a leftist. If the left wants to subdue the right, then turn about is fair play. That is why I dropped my paid subscription to this liberal rag years ago. More people need to do the same.

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