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Caution urged for Prom Night

Emergency services chief resigns post

Four days, three fatal crashes

A Clarksville teen died Friday in Buffalo Junction wreck, the first of three deadly car crashes in Mecklenburg County in the past week.


Double play





Semora, Clover power plants blamed for carbon pollution / September 12, 2013

A new ranking of the country’s dirtiest power plants places Halifax County in close proximity to a member of the Top 100 — the Progress Energy Carolinas facility in Semora, N.C., one of the largest coal-fired projects in the U.S.

The Roxboro Plant — not to be confused with the Progress Energy Mayo Plant, located on U.S. 501-S en route from South Boston to Roxboro, N.C. — landed in 32nd place on the Dirtiest Power Plants list, compiled by the Environment Virginia Research and Policy Center, a non-profit advocacy group. The dirtiest plant in the U.S. is located in Georgia.

“Power plants are the largest source of global warming pollution in the United States, responsible for 41 percent of the nation’s production of carbon dioxide pollution, the leading greenhouse gas driving global warming,” the group notes in its report. “America’s power plants are among the most significant sources of carbon dioxide pollution in the world.”

While Virginia did not place any projects on the Top 100 offender list, its five worst projects accounted for the same amount of carbon pollution as roughly 7.1 million cars. The Clover Project ranked as the second largest source of carbon pollution in the state, behind only Dominion’s Chesterfield project.

The Clover Project produced 4.92 million metric tons of carbon emissions in 2011. By contrast, the Progress Energy Roxboro plant produced 11.6 million metric tons of carbon.

The Clover Project is designed to generate up to 885 megawatts of power. The Mayo plant has three times the net generating capacity — 2,417 megawatts.

In the previous decade, Progress Energy spent more than $1 billion to drastically cut emissions at its three North Carolina coal-powered plants, Roxboro, Mayo and a third project in Asheville. New scrubbers were installed to capture much of the heavy metals and fly ash that previously spewed from the plants’ tall stacks.

Carbon pollution, however, remains a problem, according to Environment Virginia.

“Most of the nation’s coal plants are old and inefficient,” the group argues, and “not designed to last much longer than 30 years, but coal companies routinely renovate these plants to extend their lifetimes.”

In Virginia, after Chesterfield and Clover, the third highest source of carbon emissions is Dominion’s Chesapeake project. The utility is due to close the facility in 2015, replacing it with the new $1.3 billion gas fired power plant in Brunswick. The Brunswick plant is slated to begin operations in 2016.

In North Carolina, the Progress Energy coal facility in Semora is rated as the second largest source of carbon emissions statewide, behind only the Duke Energy Belews project. Progress Energy’s Mayo Plant, located near Roxboro, landed in fifth place. Its estimated 3.56 million metric tons of carbon was smaller than the amount produced by the Clover Power Station in 2011.

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The roxboro plant (hyco) has three tined the generating powe not mayo. Mayo has 1 unit and Roxboro plant has 4


"New scrubbers were installed to capture much of the heavy metals and fly ash that previously spewed from the plants’ tall stacks." I have a good idea to put that stuff to good use. Let's take the toxic fly ash and heavy metals and use it as fill dirt. We can spread it all over southside Virginia. I bet the power plants will give us a really good deal on their toxic waste. Much cheaper than fill dirt. We can even build schools on top of it. Don't worry about the mercury in fly ash polluting the rivers around here. It's already in your new light bulbs. Besides you can still safely consume 2 eight ounce meals of fish per month from the rivers around here.


Enough already with this carbon dioxide pollution bs. We were taught for school that plants needed co2 to live and we need o2. They give us o2 and we give them co2. This is about money. Some walking sphincter wants to force us to pay a tax for our co2 emissions so he and his family can jet set all over the globe. It's just like with gay marriage supporters. It's not about the state recognizing their beautiful union. It's about filing tax returns together and forcing employers to provide health insurance. Get real. This co2 bs distracts from the real pollution problem. Where do you think all the mercury in our water ways comes from. Now go eat some more local catfish.


Ain't that the truth, mercury and pcb's in the water and the federal government is worried about a farmers cow taking a dump in a creek. I think they are the real bull****ters!


Go ahead, shut 'em down.

Then think about your friends and neighbors who work at these plants, and about the tax base these plants contribute to your local economy. The two Progress Energy plants probably finance close to 2/3 of Person County NC tax base, and that spills over here. Dominion Clover pays out a large chunk to Halifax too. If these powerplants go away, your local taxes will have to make up the difference.

Then think about out-of-control energy costs, which anything other than coal, hydroelectric or nuclear WILL cause.


"If these powerplants go away, your local taxes will have to make up the difference." Exactly! Government is like a crack addict. They always want more and can never accept less.


"Go ahead, shut'em down." Calm down drama queen and get your panties out the crack of your butt. Nobody has said close power plants.


Get your head out of yours. How many identities can one schizophrenic tea-partier manifest in one small Southern town? You don't disguise yourself well at all. Besides, you're obviously not savvy enough to discern sarcasm when it's slapping you in the face.

Surely you're aware of the current administration's push to get us away from coal-fired electricity and into expensive "alternative" energy sources? If you're not, you're more delusional and in denial than I figured.

And what was, up till present, a civilised discussion is going straight down the tubes gratis a troll with multiple personality disorder.


Easy Sunshine. Maybe Puff Puff Give can help calm you down. How many are closing down and how many are being converted to natural gas/propane?


No worries, South Boston and Halifax built a school on top of a landfill with God knows what was in it. Within a few feet of a probation office with sexual predators dropping by any time and we are worried about a little fly ash, come on now!!! We could just put a moratorium on electricity in Halifax County. We don't need no stinking electricity in Halifax County. We fight everything here!!!!


"We fight everything here!!!!" Except building a new school on top of fly ash, next to a landfill, probation office and beer distributor. Could it have been because our savvy leaders had their heads in their rears or some pesonal accounts in arrears?

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