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South Boston News
William Clint Ogburn / May 07, 2014

Police in South Hill are investigating a shooting that claimed the life of William Clint Ogburn, 37 of South Hill, Monday night.

According to police reports, Ogburn was shot by an unknown assailant. When police arrived at his home at 211 McCracken Street, they found Ogburn in the yard with a gunshot wound to his chest.

He was transported by Southside Rescue Squad to Community Memorial Healthcenter, where he later succumbed to his injuries.

“It appears that someone shot through the door as Ogburn went to answer it,” said South Hill Police Chief Norman J. Hudson, adding that he does not believe the assailant entered the home before or after the shooting.

Ogburn was home alone when the incident took place, but was able to call 911.

While drugs were found at the house at this time, police have no direct evidence to suggest that this shooting was drug related. However, Ogburn has several prior arrests and two convictions, one federal and the other state, for drug related charges.

In 2007 Ogburn was one of three men arrested in a sting operation conducted by the Virginia State Police, the Southside Drug Task Force and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). He was charged federally with conspiring to distribute 500 grams or more of cocaine, and spent time at the Federal Correctional Institute in Morgantown, WV. He was released from prison in January 2012.

Ogburn has one other conviction from 1998 for possession with intent to sell marijuana. Drug related charges brought against him in 1996 and in 2008, for possession with intent to distribute Schedule I and Schedule II drugs and cocaine, were dismissed by the Commonwealth Attorney.

Hudson said there were no known witnesses to the murder. They are interviewing family members to gather leads.

Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Deputies provided backup to the South Hill Police Monday night, but are not involved with investigating this, the first murder to take place in South Hill in seven years.

Anyone with information about the shooting are encouraged to contact Detective Nelson Watson and Capt..Bernie Puryear with the South Hill Police Department at 434-447-3104 or call Mecklenburg County crime solvers at 1-877-676-8477.

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I think mentioning the possibility of being drug related would be enough. Past offences of a dead man are the majority of your article. To bad they don't give out awards for slanderous and ignorant journalism, these podunk "news" papers would be going to their circle jerk banquets every week.


I think it is sad that a man was murdered and all that can be mentioned were his mistakes....I can see they are going to really look hard to find his killer....


I think your bringing up his past offenses shows lack of consideration for his grieving family, you lost my vote for journalism, hope you are this informative when its your family suffering


A wonderful man was gunned down in his own home. A mother has lost a son and a daughter has lost a father. How dare you write such an article. You should be focusing on the fact that an innocent man was murdered and his killer is still at large, not what mistakes he made in the past. You should be ashamed of yourself.


Shameful .... writer, editor, supports of this paper should be ashamed! A man was murdered. A father was murdered. How disrespectful of this many and his family and friends!


Its a crying shame that you all would write a report like this about Clint , ... This family is grieving instead of comforting the family all yal doing is typing up all the wrongs and convictions that he did ... let him rest ... I feel sorry for the family when they read this ... leave his past mistakes behind & focus on arresting the killer who assassinated him...


Was it really necessary to add this gentleman's entire criminal history?


I think it is with so much insensitivity that you print this man
's past mistakes along with the fact that he was gunned down in his own home. Where is the compassion and forgiveness? I understand you report the news, but report what occurred it, that was not necessary. I agree with the previous writer, you have lost my vote for journalism.


No doubt Clint's life took a colorful path. This article distastefully only mentioned a few colors. Clint was loved by friends and family. I hope the community remembers he was a son, father, grandson, and friend. He will be missed.


How disrespectful can one newspaper get. You would have been better off not even reporting this article. Prayers for the family and friends that have read this trash. So sorry for your loss.


I think the report is informative and fair. It's not likely that he was killed by someone who thought he was a cool guy. Since there was no apparent motive (robbery, etc.) it's not a big stretch to imagine that his criminal past played a hand in this.
Dogs get fleas.


This newspaper is famous for writing extras about the person just to make their article look good. State the facts and get over yourselves.


His criminal past are the facts. The fact that he still had drugs in the house means that he wasn't really that concerned about his daughter and mother that are grieving for him now. Obviously he didn't learn anything from his mistakes in the past....


If the police are unsure if the crime was drug related then what was the point and listing the man's criminal history? Just because you have a criminal history, does that mean someone deserves to get killed? It is already so obvious that this murder won't be taken seriously. I am sure there are a lot of people that have drugs in their possession at their time of death but is that really necessary to spread around in the newspaper. Let the man rest in peace and let his family mourn properly. This is the most ridiculous newspaper article I have ever seen.


What happened to this man is beyond tragic & the editor's writing style regarding this tragedy is beyond pathetic. The editor has shared great detail regarding this person's life. His criminal charges, convictions, sentencing... even down to the Prison location! You did your research very well . In the process of you acknowledging the local drug task force and the DEA, you lack the ability to express compassion. This man was a son, a father and so much more. His life was taken and whoever did it is still out there. You focused entirely to much about his life and any bad associated with it. You failed to focus on his death and justice! I pray his family will find peace and I hope the editor will pursue a different career .

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