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Sunday hunting bill advances / January 23, 2014
The General Assembly on Wednesday took a major step towards allowing Sunday hunting as a House bill cleared a committee hurdle by a narrow vote.

HB 1237, sponsored by Shenandoah-area Del. Todd Gilbert, passed the full House Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources Committee yesterday morning on a 12-10 vote. It was the first time the bill had received a full committee vote after being debated in a subcommittee in previous years.

The bill will now go to the full House of Delegates for a vote. It will go to the House for first reading today, second reading on Friday and then come up for final consideration on Monday.

Del. James Edmunds voted against the legislation, saying he is very opposed to allowing hunting on Sundays.

“I’m disappointed. The majority of my constituents — several hundred of them — opposed this bill,” said Edmunds. “I had a tremendous response to my earlier e-mail asking for comments although the message was out for only a short while.”

Gilbert’s bill repeals the ban on Sunday hunting on private lands while still prohibiting hunting within 200 yards of a house of worship and the hunting of deer with dogs. Virginia is one of only six states with a complete ban on Sunday hunting.

The legislation is supported by many hunting groups and the National Rifle Association, but opposed by the Virginia Hunting Dog Alliance political action committee, which has successfully lobbied against the bill in the past. Opening Sundays for hunting also has drawn opposition from rural lawmakers, including Edmunds, who say it will disturb the one day of peace in some rural communities.

Edmunds hopes to offer an amendment to the bill after the second reading on Friday. He will ask that the matter be made a local option, which would mean that local governments such as the Halifax County Board of Supervisors could set hunting regulations.

“All the counties could then make their own decisions about the length of the hunting season,” said Edmunds

Hunting regulations vary greatly in different localities, he noted. For instance Halifax County allows hunting for three months while some areas only allow hunting for two weeks.

“I guess that’s why many communities want Sunday hunting since their season is so short and this would give them two additional days. Here in Halifax County I don’t feel the need for more time to hunt.”

Edmunds, said the matter has been before the state legislature since 1990 and explained this is the first time it has bypassed the Natural Resources subcommittee and gone straight to the full committee. For its work in killing the legislation, the seven-person subcommittee has earned the nickname “the Committee of Doom” from pro-Sunday hunting advocates.

“I was told when I first got to Richmond earlier this month that the matter would come to my group first, but that didn’t happen,” he said.

Along with Edmunds, other “no” votes were cast by area delegates Tommy Wright of Lunenburg, Danny Marshall of Danville and Charles Poindexter of Franklin.

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Thanks James!


What you do on your land and when you do it is not the government's damn business! This is a non-issue and should not be voted on. Move on.


James Edmunds forgets that his job in the Natural Resources Subcommittee is simply to flush out "frivolous" bills and pass bills "with merit" on for consideration of the entire Ag Committee, of which he is a member. Only at that point is Mr. Edmunds instructed to allow his constituents' feelings and his personal support of eliminating provisions of the United States 1st Amendment to affect his vote. Yet, for years, Edmunds has played a crucial part in making sure that Virginians' elected delegates had no chance to vote on this, or similar bills. I bet he *is* disappointed. So are other patriots - disappointed with him.

MY property. Don't tell me I'm supposed to be in church, and you're punishing me with the hunting ban. Enough is enough.


Your land buddy, not your wildlife.


The Constitution of Virginia says that if I buy a hunting license and hunt within the regulations, anything I have the opportunity to ethically and legally bring down is, in fact, my wildlife. "Reduced to possession" is the term you're looking for.


Wait a second, Del Edmonds has been claiming for years that, unequivocally, Sunday hunting is unfair to non-hunters. Now it's fair to non-hunters in some counties, but not in others? Del Edmonds I'm confused! Or you are!


This is another effort by the anti hunters and the VaHDA to derail the bill. They loat in the committee and now they will do whatever they can to get rid of it, This idea is already being pushed to be voted in all counties by the VaHDA to undermind the allowing of Sunday Hunting state wide. Just look at a vote scheduled in Glouchester county tonight.


Wait, if some guys are hunting and shoot once per day and that's "disturbing the rural peace," why is it totally legal to shoot a .50 cal Barrett all day a half a block away from a church? If this guy is against noise on Sunday, he better get to work banning target shooting, modified exhausts on all vehicles, dirt bike rallies, and most importantly stock car racing. Due to the extreme disturbance they cause to rural communities!! Get busy restricting people from their own property rights! Get on it!


Wildlife that is on a person’s land does not belong to Justin, the state, or the public. Make no mistake about it, if I own land and I want a piece of meat and my freezer is empty I don't need some politician in Richmond to give me his permission. Your rights don’t come from the state Justin. They come from God. Don’t act like a slave and you won’t be treated like one.


"They was gonna send it to my group, but they didn't, and I don't think that's fair, y'all, because we been undemocratically killin' these bills every year for decades without nobody important complainin'. Now if y'all don't mind, I need a tissue and my Momma."


Way to go you pieces of scum. Since you are going to be out there killing game on Sunday why don’t you just go ahead and kill off the rest of the remaining blue laws. Go ahead and remove all references and respect for God. Next you will want to take prayer out of school, buy and sell liquor all day on Sunday, and elect an attorney general that thinks two homosexuals should be recognized by you lilly livered morons as being married. And don’t stop there you Sunday blasphemers. Be sure and get “In God We Trust” removed from all the money and have our elected official takes their oaths on a Field and Stream instead of the Holy Bible. Since you will now be recognizing it, have the state turn over innocent children in the foster care program to be reared by your sweet honeymooners.


Well dagnabbit, you're right. We should bring back all the blue laws, especially since they are all in total violation of the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution. All along, I thought it would make sense to only be a fan of one Amendment, obviously the Second. But now you go telling me that all the Amendments in the Bill of Rights, not just 2A, have real standing in our government. Well, dagnabbit again!


Where does it say you have a right to hunt on sunday in the 1st Admendment? You guys sound like the crazy hunters I run off my land all the time. (BTW I am lifelong resident and decendents of people that have been here since Halifax became a county) So if I tell you to leave and you don't can I shoot you?


NO, again, it's NOT your wildlife. Government regulates when you can hunt, what you can hunt, what is protected, and what is not. Many species are nomatic and do not reside on your property, they were not born there and do not live there within your twisted world view. You would have no law until you finally get it through your skulls that you have killed everything to the point of bordering on extinction. 500 species of something living is wiped off the face of this planet
every month, that bothers some of us if not you. You want to kill everything that walks through your land?.... My suggestion, get some equipment and learn photography, it's much more rewarding. Or is it that you can't figure out how to operate anything more complicated than a trigger?


Don't worry Wilbur. Look around you. You're going to get your chance to see what a Godless society is like.


Well excuse me Justin. Government said it, so it must be true and good for you too because they always know what's best. Government regulates pollution. When they ban wood stoves completely I'm sure the chainsaws will stop, smoke won't roll and poor people all across southern VA will just suffer in the cold. Government regulates the NSA but I guess it's "for our own good" that they violate the 4th amendment. Hell if they didn't regulate drugs I guess we would all be crackheads. The Chinese government has regulated the number of babies born but that's right, dear leader knows best.


Could you please list 20 of the 500 species that died this month? Can we ever expect the 2 legged control freak species to show up on that list?


99.9 per cent of all plant and animal species that ever lived on this
planet are now extinct. I'm not going to ask you to read the scientific journals that will point this out, or to agree that
during mans short occupation of the same space (this planet), more than ever, the rate of extinction increases. Your lack of trust in
science and your political views probably prevent you from doing the research. But more regulation is due, and will surely come because of
abuses by people who don't care about other life forms. Ignorance is bliss.


How about 10? Can you at least give us 10 species? You've got 500 to choose from.


When answering the question of “how many species exist?”, there is no easy way of doing it. Although there is no certain answer, scientists can estimate that there is likely somewhere between 5 million to 100 million different species. It’s such a difficult question to answer because you have to realize that smallest of life forms are included. Insects, bacteria and all microbes need to be accounted for.

As of August 2007, about 2 million species had been identified. Scientists continue to discover new species all the time. A ten year study in the Eastern Himalayas led scientists to find over 350 new species.

It is generally understood by the scientific community that we are
seeing 500 a month wiped from the earth, many due directly to our own
disregard for the environment. That's my last word on the subject.
DO SOME RESEARCH...oh, I forgot, you probably don't want to know.


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