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With prom ahead, caution urged / April 24, 2014

With Prom Night coming up Saturday in Halifax County, the South Boston Police Department is asking motorists to use extra caution on the highways while the Halifax County High Schol gala is under way.
As in years past, there will be a procession of students coming into the prom. Cars participating in this procession are to lineup on the access road between the Halifax County Middle School and the high school. If a vehicle is not legally registered to be on the highway it will not be allowed in the procession. Officers may also turn away any vehicle they deem too large to safely get through the circle in front of the high school; no tractor trailers will be permitted.

The South Boston Police Department also asks that no large boats be towed through the procession or any large trailers being used as floats. Over the past couple of years this procession has gotten longer and the types of vehicles being used to bring in students is getting more diverse, at times certain types of vehicles present hazards.

The area in front of the high school in which students exit is not wide and there has been a significant increase in the number of people coming to watch.

In addition many students park in the student parking lot and walk into the prom, having to walk through the area where the vehicles participating in the procession are traveling and other students are being let out. All of this pedestrian traffic in an already narrow roadway is a challenge in itself to get traffic through in the safest manner possible for both participants and those watching.

Large vehicles such as tractor trailers, large boats being towed behind vehicles, and large trailers being used as floats present a danger to those participating and watching. Also, as in past years vehicles will be unloaded at least three at a time in front of the high school. This is done so all students can get into the prom in a timely manner.

South Boston Chief James Binner wants to remind everyone that the safety of the students, school faculty, and those watching the procession is the most important thing during the evening.

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I'm all for freedom of expression, but I'm glad someone is taking steps to get rid of that "Halifax Hillbilly" mess that has taken over the prom the last few years.

Now if they could just eliminate those ridiculous camo tuxes and evening gowns...

Methinks entirely too much is made of redneckery in this part of the world. Damned reality shows celebrating it don't help.


Glad I will be out of town, the prom has become a joke. I can;t believe that parents line up for this. You are right power, but I would call it stupidity.


AllPolitical2...I am glad you will be out of town too ! Negative Nancy is leaving the County....LET'S ALL REJOICE !


So you think it it ok for all this silly extravegence at the prom? That is the problem with todays generation, is 79 your year of birth?
The prom is suppose to be a formal event. I sometimes wonder about all the helicopter parents that want to relive their childhood through their children. If you want to see you kids dressed for the prom do it like it is suppose to be, Male goes picks up the female, they take pictures, etc, come back to male parents house and take pictures, then go to dinner then go to prom. What has happened to decorum? I think school board should enforce a strict dress code. Try going to the ring dance at VT in a camo tux an see what happens or any other formal event. I remember formal military dances, it was dress uniforms an white gloves. The continued dumbing down of society. Blah, bet you don't even take your hat off when you go out to eat do you?


This is a day these kids have been waiting for since starting high school. We live in the country and if the children choose to wear camo or other items of his/her choice so be it. They need to worry more about coverage of the girls. I have seen some rather flashy dresses and they need to be covered:camo, glittery or whatever the material. Let the kids have their night. If the parents want to line up, let them. This is the highlight of the year. HAVE FUN KIDS! BE SAFE!!


"allpolitical" my 15 year old takes his hat off in the car to eat a snack. Southern children in VA DO have manners.

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