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A remarkable day / August 27, 2014

Dear Viewpoint:

In Clarksville, on a Saturday in late July, people came together to create a remarkable day.

It was like any other Saturday at the Virginia Avenue Mall. We were busy and talking to our customers. I had just waited on a very nice woman, Julia, and her two children from Atlanta. With her was a student, a young woman, she had sponsored from England. They were on their way to New York for the young woman’s flight home. They were taking the scenic route, and since the young woman’s last name was Clark she picked Clarksville off the map to visit. They had paid for their purchases and were sitting on the floor drinking water, getting ready to leave.

A woman came to the door and tried to open it. She couldn’t, so Julia jumped up to help since she had seen her struggling with the door. Julia opened the door and the woman was crying. Thinking she had hurt herself on the door, Julia asked if she was okay. The woman said that she wasn’t hurt, but couldn’t find her husband…she was lost.

I came around the counter and Julia and I sat the woman on the couch. She was tired and crying. We talked with her and got her calm. We asked her if she remembered where her husband was. She didn’t…”out there somewhere”. She didn’t know where she lived…”near Arrington’s, I think”. Just then an employee of ours came and said she would take over the register if I wanted to go see if I could find him. I went door-to-door on Virginia Avenue and to the Ruritans Thrift Shop. No one could help. I went back to the Mall.

The woman was weeping again and afraid. Julia and I put our arms around her and talked with her. Just then one of our vendors came in. The vendor saw the woman and called her by name. The vendor asked her what was wrong, saying to us that the woman attended her church. Our vendor called someone who knew the woman, but could get no answer.

At this point, another customer overheard what was going on. She explained that she had been at the library and a man had come in looking for his wife. The library staff suggested he go to the Clarksville Police department. He replied that he would, but that he had to go to Hardee’s to get his wife a biscuit, she hadn’t had any breakfast.

Meanwhile, we called the library. They told us he was going to the police station. We called the police station. They told us the officer and the man were looking up and down the street for his wife. We told them that his wife was at the Virginia Avenue Mall. The station called the officer and advised him. The officer and the man were about a block away.

When the husband came in, his wife cried and stood up. He put his arms around her and held her. She thought he would be mad, but he was as glad to see her as she was to see him. Apparently his wife had walked all the way from Hardee’s to the Mall by herself. He said thanks to every one and took her out the door.

Julia and Miss Clark had just witnessed something that they felt would not ever see again. They felt the warmth and compassion they had seen was just awesome. Women doing wonderful things. Only in a small town could this have happened. Julia didn’t think it would happen in Atlanta. Miss Clark hoped it would happen in her hometown outside London, but didn’t think so. We all hugged and they were off.

I thank everyone that helped and I think “it really does take a Village!” In this case, the village was Clarksville!

Mary Horn
Virginia Avenue Mall

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