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A vote for the GOP / October 17, 2012
Dear Viewpoint,

Is unemployment 7.8%, 8.1% or some other figure such as the 12% or higher as much of Southern Virginia is experiencing? Neither figure considers those who have simply given up looking. Probably a more startling statistic from Gallup Research — for every four people employed, one of them is either working part-time or is under employed. 16.9% of our friends and neighbors fall into this group.

Last week the Obama administration announced that 873,000 jobs had appeared. There were a few problems with that figure.

1. Employers reported hiring only 114,000 net new employees.

2. It turns out that of those reported new jobs, 582,000 were part time.

3. This leaves 177,000 people saying they were now working but were not being reported by any employer. Many of these might have been hired “off the books” to avoid paying healthcare on them.

Some might say that this is not the fault of President Obama. I disagree. If you look at the policies imposed by law, by executive order, or by talking about changing tax policy, he has made most every business afraid to invest in hiring more of our friends and neighbors.

He has imposed Obamacare on businesses which has driven up the cost of having employees.

He has, by executive order, blocked the use of coal; our cheapest form of energy. He has blocked the Keystone pipeline and offshore drilling for new supplies of gas and crude oil which has driven up business costs as well as your family costs.

He has talked repeatedly about raising taxes. This makes every business wonder if there is any reason to expand their business if they will not be allowed to keep the profit from growing their business.

His money policies have increased our national debt. Borrowing and printing money that has driven up prices at the gas pump as well as the grocery store. Borrowing that will have to be paid back by our children and grandchildren.

This is what President Obama wants us to move forward with? His policies have driven our economy in the wrong direction. You can change that. You can work to elect Mitt Romney as President and George Allen and Robert Hurt to Congress to help turn our nation around and get folks working again.

On Nov. 6 vote not for yourselves but for your children and grandchildren.

Frank Ruff
State Senator, Clarksville

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