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Alcohol, lewd girls and women, and music / June 10, 2015
Dear Viewpoint:

I have sat and quietly contemplated the things that I see in the local papers week after week, and it seems that there is one agenda in mind. That is to destroy that which is good and wholesome and uplift that which is bad and evil. What am I referring to? The constant promoting of the use of alcohol, lewd girls and women, and music that promotes the thought processes to abandon morality and compromise the “once good” standards that people used to hold.

Everywhere I look there is a store, restaurant or event that highlights the fact that there will be beer, liquor, or wine available for participants. They even call these places “family oriented,’ which for some reason actually tweaks people’s mind into thinking that it really is “family oriented.” We are hard-put to find a good quality restaurant that does not sell some type of alcoholic beverage. I agree that many times they have the best quality food. Some of these establishments have bars with liquor, etc. that is sitting in the front of the building, so that if you don’t want to be near the “strong drink” you can ask to be seated away from it. For some folks, that is highly embarrassing. Then there are the “Events” that always seem to advertise that the beer trucks or beer barrels will be available on the premises. Oh yeah, and bring your children along!! Some even allow children under 10 years of age to get in free. What a promotional gimmick. My question is, where are the police when the events are over and the people are leaving after drinking. It seems that our towns are promoting drinking and driving.

As for the lewd and licentious girls and women, almost every time I pick up a local paper I actually get to see girls playing sports in shorts that are up to their crotch, leaving nothing to the imagination. This of course seems to be more prevalent in the public schools, especially the high school students. My question is where are the parents of these children who are allowing them to perform in their “underwear.” Is it the daddies or the mommies doing this or both? Then there are the “burlesque” girls who are learning at a young age the art of dancing. Many are learning to be “show girls.” So what do you think will come of all this down the road. Again I ask, where are the parents and who is promoting all this? No wonder there are so many stalkings, rapes, and pedophilia instances. There is no way a boy or a man can be expected to deal with interacting with this stuff and it not cause great harm. It totally messes up their thinking processes. Maybe that is what the people are trying to do.

Then there is the music that is promoted in just about every event. Take into consideration the type of music that is being promoted. Many of these musicians boast of singing songs that promote sexual indulgence, drunkenness, lewd dancing, idolatrous practices and most of all they speak blasphemous lyrics about Jesus Christ in their songs. If you don’t believe me just pay attention to what they’re singing. Some of the groups that do this are signing what they call Rock that mimics songs from groups who make no apology for being Satan worshippers. There is a book written by Rick Jones entitled Stairway to Hell that ahs over 100,000 copies in print trying to warn teenagers about these dangers. Then there is the rap music that screams the “F” word over and over.

In conclusion, I have wanted for a long time to write about the above things, but now feel a “real push” to do it. There will be an event at the Halifax Farmers Market Friday Night Jams, June 5. I have decided to discontinue being a vendor there because of such happenings. I want all my family and friends to know that I do not agree with the things going on there or in the surrounding area. It is a matter of testimony and love for my LORD JESUS CHRIST!

Alice Russell

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