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Alive and well / July 29, 2015

Dear Viewpoint:

Racism and discrimination are alive and well in Mecklenburg County in the “big” town of South Hill. And who was the perpetrator? Why, it was the African-American owner of South Hill Cinema.

According to The Mecklenburg Sun, four white teenagers were refused admission to the theatre because the vehicle in which they were riding carried a Confederate flag; an inanimate object, consisting of a piece of wood and piece of cloth. A flag cannot do anything on its own, nor can it compel anyone to do anything, good or bad.

The teens were even compelled to leave the parking lot by threatening to call the police. I didn’t know the theatre owner also owned the parking lot. I thought the lot was for all of the business in the shopping center. Does Mr. Meredith check to make sure all occupants of all vehicles parked next to his business come into the theatre?

I know, and all of you out there know, that if a white business owner ad refused admission or refused to serve a vehicle full of black teens because their car carried a flag pertaining only to African-Americans, the results would have been entirely different. There would have been protests and riots all the way to D.C. The FBI would probably have launched a full-scale investigation. Even big mouth Obama would have contributed his half cents worth. Maybe, he would have sent his Attorney General.

It seems the Civil Rights Act was only passed for non-white persons. We are no longer governed by our great Constitution. We are ruled by a brain dead, liberal Supreme Court. When Obama cannot get legislation passed that suits him, issues another Executive Order. If non-American Obama and his crooked cronies ever manage to take our guns, we will be truly subjects and no longer citizens of this once great Nation. Thank God, I can still express my opinion. I wonder how much longer that will last.

Before you start with your protests and denials of what I said here, I only said what was true. If you don’t like it, tough. Stick it where the sun don’t shine. It’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

I doubt if the liberal editor of The Sun will print this, but I’m sending it in anyway.

C.T. Jones
Red Oak

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