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South Boston police lieutenant charged with embezzlement

South Boston Police Lieutenant Tiffaney Bratton has been charged with felony embezzlement in connection with alleged theft from the police station's evidence room and inventory.

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Determining when individuals are exposed, and when they should be sent home

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Divide and conquer / July 29, 2015

Dear Viewpoint:

I’d like to know who is behind all this bashing of the South and our Southern history.

If I had to guess, I’d say Obama and some of his race-baiting friends. Flashback to Ferguson and Baltimore scenes.

Regarding Ferguson and Baltimore. Obama sent DOJ and FBI when the black folks were killed there.

Obama went to South Carolina himself when the 9 blacks were killed in the church.

But, when it comes to a young WHITE woman (Kate Steinle) killed by an illegal immigrant, no DOJ, no FBI, and not even a call from the government to the family. The Democratic government that appears to do nothing to stop illegal immigrants from killing Americans.

Now we have 5 of our servicemen killed in Tenn. Obama goes to NYC for some fun and does not even lower the flag to half-staff over the Whitehouse. Some would wonder why not.

I was born in Virginia. My mother and her parents were born in Virginia. None of my southern relatives ever had slaves.

I (not slaves) helped my Virginia grandfather “chop” peanuts with a hoe in the fields on his farm.

If the blacks and whites of today feel the need to tear apart the South’s history, they first need to go and check some history about the blacks after they were freed. Some history I learned when reading Ann Coulter’s book ADIOS AMERICA. Page 32 of her book tells the to the point story of the blacks and the Democrats for 100 years.

Now we have a black Democrat as President who (in my opinion) has done a great deal of harm to the blacks, and the country as a whole. Obama appears to have worked hard to divide the blacks and whites and this only makes America weaker.

You’ve heard the saying “Divide and Conquer!”

We have so many, many problems in America that this Southern History bashing may just be the thing that pushes us over the edge.

The Confederate flag did not kill those 9 black people in the South Carolina church. Our Confederate monuments did not kill those 9 black people in the SC church.

Hey, Mr. Zim, the Jeff Davis highway signs did not kill those 9 black people in the SC church. General N.B. Forrest and his wife did not kill those 9 black people in the SC church. But, the folks in Tenn. Want to dig up both of their graves and send them somewhere else.

This is the South’s history. The PAST/ 1860. Leave it alone.

What the blacks and whites in the South and the rest of the country need to do is stop fighting over he past and get together and MARCH to Washing to PROTEST the crazy immigration law that Obama (with his mighty pen) put in to law. A law that will take away many black and white jobs, threaten our financial future, and see many more Americans killed!

MARCH to PROTEST the Sanctuary Cities all over our country that are protecting the illegal immigrants, at the taxpayer’s expense.

Lastly and most important MARCH to PROTEST this awful Iran Nuclear deal that’s ultimately going to turn us all INTO THE SAME COLOR. ASH. As we die together from Iran’s nuclear bombs.

July 20, 2015 – day one of the 60 days congress has to stop this deal.

Jean Snyder
Chase City

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