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Editorial response / October 10, 2012
Dear Viewpoint,

This letter is in response to two editorials that ran in The Mecklenburg Sun this week.

Paddy Kernisky was “stunned” (Viewpoint, Oct. 3) to see many white faces in the crowd and many diverse faces on the stage at the GOP convention in Tampa but misses the irony that he has reviewed the entire event on the basis of race and the color of people instead of what the people said. He cares nothing about the positive and powerful messages of those who spoke, like Utah Congressional candidate Mia Love, an inspiring role model for all men and women; he rates her like checking off boxes — African American, female, Mormon, mayor. Paddy is not interested in the policies of Congressmen Tim Scott and Marco Rubio or Governor Nikki Haley, he only cares that they are black, Hispanic and Indian and so he can’t give them their well deserved credit for being on the stage because they are truly some of the most popular and strong candidates in the Republican Party. He dismisses Ann Romney as white, female. His letter is an example of which party is the one obsessed with race and division as he tries to diminish the fact that there were so many diverse and highly respected people speaking at that convention that hold a position of authority and obvious admiration in the Republican Party. He pegs attendees into clone like groups, instead of considering each person as an individual with independent thoughts and opinions. Paddy would do well to actually go back and listen to the speeches that were given at the convention and put away his skin color score card.

In the same paper, Tom McLaughlin wrote a scathing editorial about our friend and neighbor and an honorable man, Wally Hudson. This editorial equally condemns many of us in the community when he broadly refers to the “mentality” of the conservative Tea Party that has “injected a toxic level of denial and anger into national politics.” Mr. McLaughlin also uses language like “bunch of doofs”, “hair-on-fire conservatives”, “right wing extremists”, “certifiably nuts”, “suppress the crazies”, and “whites only proposition” when referring to Republicans in his editorial. Buried somewhere in his many paragraphs long diatribe against his fellow citizens is a complaint of intolerance on the part of Mr. Hudson. Again, the irony of an editor/general manager attacking many of the readers, subscribers and advertisers of his own newspaper with base name calling, while complaining that he got scooped at the chance to first publish a very few internet posts that were in poor taste from his rival political party, is rich. He continues on about “setting a good example as we live our lives” after he has labeled Mr. Hudson a “cranky idiot.” Mr. McLaughlin, we value Wally Hudson as a “loyal Patriot.” We appreciate and take this opportunity to thank Mr. Hudson for all of the hard work he has done for our party and the Mecklenburg County community.

Both of the letters clearly illustrate the anger and intolerance coming from those that are the loudest in claiming to be from the more compassionate and non-judgemental party. Perhaps the Editor should reconsider the affect that his biased editorial tirades may have on members of the community, and this loyal advertiser.

Catherine Hughes, Bracey

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