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Enough is enough / March 05, 2014

Dear Viewpoint,

If you are a person who does not like to hear the truth, then you would be better off reading another part of The Sun.

If you’re still with me, several years ago I came across “The Communist Rules to Break America.” Now if you think just because the schools don’t teach of the horrific destruction the Communist and other anti-American organizations have in store for us, then think again. In the Communist Rule Book it lays out a plan of destruction. Just like the wooden horse of Troy and in its belly we find 1. Corrupt the young get them away from true worship, 2. Remove and destroy their ruggedness, 3. Remove people from the truth of Politics; 4. Destroy people’s faith in their national leaders by holding the later up in contempt, ridicule and obloquy. In other words destroy American from within.

The Bible, which these organizations hate “Says my people are dying from lack of knowledge. Now I am not saying that everybody is dumb to what is going on around us,. What I am saying is we have been beaten down so much we just say, what’s the use, “Nobody Listens.”

Remember when we went to school, for some that memory is too far back, for me it seems that its was only yesterday. One thing I did not have to worry about is witnessing a shooting on the grounds or the rape of a young girl or drugs. Today all that has changed, why? Because no one seems to say Enough is Enough! My wife and I lost a son to these violent acts. We know what its like to bury a child.

We are raising juveniles, because we do not stand up against these things everyone wants to be politically correct! Recently I stopped at a thrift store on Rt. 58. There were two young boys using every four-letter word to two girls. I walked over to the girls and told them, the boys you are going with are not men, they are little pigs who you are allowing them to treat you as the same. One thing that bothered me was the owner heard all that was said and guess what he said, Nothing! When do we stand up and say Enough is Enough!

Have you read our Constitution? Show me where it says there will be a separation of Church and State. You will not find it there. This statement came from the letter Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter to a friend in a N.C. Seminary; but if you listen to Rev. Barber, he echo’s the word “Separation of Church and State.” Why do we listen to such clowns. The words he speaks are self-serving and he thinks he is helping his people.

Our country has changed, I don’t believe it pleases God, so lets stop putting spikes in our bodies, tattooing every single inch of our anatomy. Removing the English language with cursing and by the way, it wouldn’t hurt for the young men to pull up their pants, belts are not made for the knees but for the waist!

Bottom line, teach righteousness and you don’t have to worry about his people, my people or yours, because righteous people belong to our Almighty God.

I’ve had people say to me, why write these articles? Why? Because I care!!! Let’s all take a stand and say, ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

P.J. Kitchen

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