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Ignorance is no excuse / November 04, 2013

Dear Viewpoint:

This is in response to the comments, letters and a brochure that I received in the mail from Mike Freshour, that have been made against Tracy Quackenbush Martin.

The brochure states that Mrs. Martin does not support the death penalty. She has stated at events she has spoken at, in debates and in letters to the editor that she DOES SUPPORT THE DEATH PENALTY! The death penalty is part of the law and as the Commonwealth’s Attorney, you are the law enforcement. I would think that Mr. Freshour would be aware of this.

It also states that she is a “Liberal Democrat.” If she is a Democrat why has her husband supported the Republican Party with monetary donations? Go to and you will see where a contribution was made in 2013 and go to to see where other donations have been made in previous years.

Mike Freshour is quoted as stating, “There is no continuance problem.” Halifax Circuit Court-Va.-Judicial, paints another picture. On this site there is a Continuance Policy for Halifax County Circuit Court, dated October 1, 2013! Notice that this was 30 days ago! If Mr. Freshour is correct about there being no problems with his office and cases being continued, why did the Judges of the Circuit Court appoint a committee to WRITE A POLICY addressing this issue?

Carol Tuck, who had a letter in the newspaper on October 31, 2013, spoke of her 26 years in the legal field and “concerned about the statements being made by Mr. Freshour’s opponent..” Yet, she, Mrs. Tuck was the person who told me about the committee that has been formed, which she was a member of, to make new policies for continued cases.

Another letter in the October 31, 2013 edition of this newspaper from Mr. David Frazer. His letter starts, “As a recent resident, I have personal interest in the fabric of the community.” I think that being a “recent resident” says a lot, in that he does not know the history of either candidate and their previous cases. He evidently was not aware that Mr. Freshour is not involved with the capital murder trial of James Lloyd Terry. The rest of his letter is filled with untruths regarding Tracy Quankenbush Martin, none of which he can support in writing.

Now to my biggest issue that Mike Freshour has discussed in an open forum: the sale of raffle tickets as a form of raising funds for his campaign. He is quoted as stating that, “I make a mistake.” Well then, if I break the law, does that mean that Mr. Freshour is not going to prosecute me? If I call an apologize and return stolen items to my victim(s), will I just be released and everything be forgotten? Don’t think so!

I have heard it said in court, many times that “ignorance is no excuse.” With Mr. Freshour’s vast knowledge of the law, and especially since his “secretaries in office has more experience that she ( Mrs. Martin) has,” I do not understand why his office “made a mistake.” With all his experience that I have heard and read about during this campaign, you would not think a mistake like this would ever occur. The really sad part is that if someone in his campaign, office or himself had read the very small book that you receive when you hand in your signatures to run, there would not have been a mistake. Is this the way you want your Commonwealth’s office to be run? Not me!

I have been totally disappointed with many friends who have stated that they are voting Republican, no matter who is running. This is so wrong, in so many ways! Get out and vote…for the candidate who will do the best job!

Bonita Nelson, South Boston

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