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Joe Biden for President / October 21, 2020
By now there’s probably little point belaboring the arguments in the 2020 presidential race: either you believe Donald Trump is every bit as wonderful as he shouts to the rooftops or are appalled by his unceasing ignorance, egotism, incompetence, dishonesty, corruption and emotional insecurities that together render him vulnerable to manipulation and paralysis at a time when America could use as strong president, as opposed to someone who plays the part on TV (or Twitter).

But enough about Trump. Let’s put in a word for Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate who richly deserves to become the next President of the United States. If Trump is a bottomless pit, Biden is the counterpart of a calm lake: not always exciting, but forceful when circumstances dictate. Biden has moderate instincts that belie a long record of fighting for the rights of all citizens and pushing for change when change is needed — which is now is true for so many facets of American life. The country has grown more frustrated as it has become more unequal, a reality that Trump has exploited — but never even attempted to solve — with his us-against-them carnival barker act. It’s easy to foster negatively and conspiratorial nonsense; it takes hard work to improve the lives of the American people. Joe Biden will bring more to the Oval Office than a change of tone. He will bring a sorely needed change in direction.

As vice-president, Biden did as much as any member of the Obama Administration to shepherd Congressional passage of the Affordable Care Act — an imperfect law that needs improvement a decade after first taking effect, but which nevertheless has saved countless lives and lifted untold burdens on families everywhere. Biden also is a strong advocate for rebuilding American manufacturing and economic muscle through targeted public investments (primarily infrastructure), which is a sound approach for raising wages and revitalizing small communities that otherwise are at risk of being swallowed up in corporate-driven world. (Public education is a type of infrastructure that comprises the lifeblood of communities and independent businesses across the U.S.) These are just a few examples of what Joe Biden has worked to achieve in his nearly 50-year career in public service; as President, there’s no reason to think he would be sidetracked from his longstanding goals by the pursuit of pointless battles and crackpot schemes.

The elephant in the room with the 2020 presidential race is the patent desire by Donald Trump to hold onto power regardless of how Americans vote on Election Day. What would seem like a ludicrous statement any other year — that democracy itself is on the ballot this election — is nevertheless abundantly true this time, given the brazen efforts to undermine the voting process by an unpopular president and Republican allies in Congress and in statehouses around the country. For this reason, among many others, we would urge you to vote early, or make plans to get to the polls on Election Day and make sure your vote is tabulated. The time for complacency is over — America needs a president who will soothe the stormy waters and point the ship of state in a better direction. Joe Biden is the only conceivable choice this election for a better, fairer, more honorable and hopeful America.

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