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Lunenburg and the library / February 12, 2014

Dear Viewpoint,

The citizens of Lunenburg need to band together or they won’t have a library system, they will have a Mecklenburg system run in its entirety by Leigh Lambert with no say so by Lunenburg.

When I was on the Board of Supervisors for eight years, Mr. Emory was the director of the Southside Regional Libraries for Lunenburg and Mecklenburg counties and everything ran very smooth. I am not on the board any more, due to my own choosing. Now I understand Mrs. Lambert is the director of the same two counties and in my opinion everything has recently turned upside down for Lunenburg County.

In the beginning, Chairman Hoover, several years ago went to a Board of Supervisors meeting in Mecklenburg and was assured by the chairman of the Board of Supervisors in Mecklenburg County, the Honorable Glenn Barbour who is still chairman, that before any moves would be made in Lunenburg, Lunenburg would be notified in advance by Chairman Barbour and Lunenburg Chairman, then Chairman Hoover.

Well since then I have been to two board meetings, because of some financial disparities about the librarian in Victoria, not have worked for nine months and what her salary had been charged up to, among other disparities between both libraries. It seems the books are kept in Mecklenburg and no one from Lunenburg checks on them.

What amazes me, one librarian quit because of her terrible working conditions by Mrs. Lambert and the other one was fired after 31 years of building the library up to where it is today. But what amazed me was none of the Friends were up at these two board meetings of the Board of Supervisors meetings when Ms. Lambert was present and they could have questioned her. Everything in thee two libraries are owned by the two libraries. Now I understand Ms. Lambert is throwing some of the stuff in the landfill and selling what she wants to in both libraries and all of it belongs to the Friends of the Library. She let two librarians go when things were running smooth and hired a lady from South Carolina to oversee both libraries, which seems to me to be very unethical.

If I had anything to do with the Lunenburg libraries, I would have gotten out of the Southside Regional Library System long ago.

We are paying the same amount of money having one librarian for two libraries and everything the friends have accumulated over the years has been dumped as Ms. Lambert sees fit to do, and I don’t trust her as far as I could throw her. As I have been to two meetings and heard her.

I applauded Karen Scales for telling it like it is, while she was on the board, I hope she stays on the board because the last time I looked, everyone had freedom of speech, even though Ms. Lambert told Ms. Scales she didn’t have a right to go before the Lunenburg Board of Supervisors is wrong!

It seems to me that a handshake from the Chairman of the Board of Mecklenburg County, who is still chairman, the Honorable Glenn Barbour which was supposed to be a gentleman’s agreement didn’t turn out to be much of an agreement for Lunenburg because he hasn’t done one thing to notify Lunenburg of any changes to be made to the libraries in Lunenburg. It seems Ms. Lambert is running the whole library system.

Example: Lunenburg moved everything from one building to another and didn’t charge the library system anything. The Friends did all the work and Ms. Lambert, when they made a move from the main office to another building charged up $40,000 dollars. Seems to me she has an open-end checkbook. Just an example.

Charles Rickers

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