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A Clarksville teen died Friday in Buffalo Junction wreck, the first of three deadly car crashes in Mecklenburg County in the past week.

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Meeting night follies / February 27, 2013
Dear Viewpoint,

I found it very interesting to go to a school board meeting this past Monday Night. There were great presentations from South Hill Elementary. Then, it was a not so great presentation from a company wanting to provide before and after school programs. Excuse me, but I think we already have those.

After all of this, there was a presentation from Tracy Rogers, which was not on the agenda. I thought it had to be on the agenda to be addressed? Anyway, I just went for the public input. It was hours and hours before the time came for the public input. It seemed as if this might be on purpose. The topic for public input was involving saving Connie Puckett’s job.

I believe all the teachers from La Crosse Elementary School were there, except for a couple. Parents were there and speakers. However, I found it very sad the facility had to speak through a parent. After thinking about it more, I realized why this happened. The teachers were afraid for their jobs. Now, why would they be afraid for their jobs at a public input meeting? Have board members or the superintendent threatened teachers? Our schools have zero tolerance for bullies. Does this apply to bullies trying to control the teachers?

I do want to commend Mr. Sturdivant. He gracefully thanked the ones who came for public input. I expected board member Sandra Tanner to say something. After all, she represents La Crosse Elementary district, but instead she complimented South Hill Elementary School. What is wrong with this picture? Even during break, I never saw her talking to anyone from La Crosse Elementary School. I thought for sure her kids went there? I do agree the students from South Hill were precious. Everyone knows that BUT South Hill is not the only school that has smart thriving students. I commend the principal at South Hill for her hard work, but let’s face it people…South Hill Elementary is just TOO BIG. I just hope Mrs. Tanner and other board members realize most of the community knows what schools have been having BIG issues and no matter how quite you try to keep it….word gets out. Based on what I know….La Crosse Elementary has not had any major security issues, no serious issues with the use of computers, or any life threatening safety issues, therefore, can you please explain to me and the rest of the public, why the superintendent of the board wants to get rid of the La Crosse Elementary principal?

Last, I want to say, “Board Members, get your priorities straight. Don’t let your personal feelings get in the way. Many of you do not have children in our schools but you need to make sure you know what is going on in the schools because I think there are SERIOUS matters going on and they are being swept under the rug. The schools and individuals you are targeting are not the ones you need to be concentrating on. The public is talking and they want to know when it will be time to elect board members again. There was a change a few years ago and no one thought it would happen. I think it will be another change come election time. After all, our school system has been about nothing but change the last three years, so it’s really no need to break the momentum.

Food for thought,
B. Baker
Chase City

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