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Mess of their own making / March 10, 2016

Dear Viewpoint:

The Great Halifax Elementary School Decisions – Well the dye is cast. The Town Manager will get his way. He has sold Echelon to the County Board. He (They) have no idea what a mess they will have created in our town.

Firstly, the secret discussions that were held with Echelon and the selling that must have been done to get the Halifax Board to approve the project, even though it smelled like dead flounder in 110 degree heat. Halifax town gets nothing out of this except problems. I might add these problems are so easy to conceive that even Kathy Miller could have thought of them instead of worrying about me “The Mountain Road Mafia.”

#1 Problem is the morning/evening rush hour traffic. Remember the Rush Hour in DC, Kathy? I do, and that’s why I got out of it. Remember all those sirens? Well there’s coming morning, noon and night to our neighborhood like gangbusters.

Now, let’s see: there will be up to 50+ cars leaving/entering Mountain Road on every day (including snow days) from the “Echelon Apartments” at the same time going to and coming from work, buying groceries, or going to the doctor, etc. All those logging trucks heading to the plywood factories (which create jobs) have traffic issues too and do you think, might just require routing changes? Oops, not any other routes? We would be happy to route them around to where you live.

Folks, it looks to me that you’re going to have to put up several stop lights at that location or else or some of us old folks will surely get killed! Does that bother you? Some of the problems will begin during the Rehab, or is that a drug word? All those trucks from Hanover County will have to be dealt with all day long, all week long. Enjoy!

#2 Problem is the traditional problems of Apartment Living, i.e. Drugs, Robberies to get drugs, and all the assorted human issues associated with close habitation, i.e. sex issues, loud music, wild parties, and mixed age people issues. You’ll need a larger police force which unfortunately from time to time will encounter fatal shootings. Yes, right here in Halifax town.

#3 Usually Town Managers set up a group of talented people to brain storm what may come up and bite them in the behind before conducting secret meetings and outside deals with “unsolicited” proposals. Researching the Internet Echelon has a standard sale pitch which they used on the Halifax. They get rich. The Town gets poorer. And with little to bad planning, the list will keep growing. Stay tuned.

British have a saying, “Keep Calm and Carry On.”

Donald L. Maiden, Mountain Road, Halifax

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