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Transition center draws complaints of neighbors

Public input on the new “transition center” at 1332 Moore Street for locals struggling with homelessness and unemployment dominated debate at the Monday night meeting of South Boston Town Council.

Halifax lawyers inspired by their work for Legal Aid

You might think that the lives of Carol and Alan Gravitt were set on parallel courses from the start.

Halifax County trustees ease rules on student cell phone use

The Halifax County School Board agreed Monday night to revise the cell phone policy at Halifax County High School to make the rules more consistent and hopefully easier to enforce.


Comets play well, for the most part, beat Buckingham 34-14





Open letter / November 13, 2013
Dear Viewpoint,

An open letter to Tom McLaughlin,

A friend of mine asked me if I wanted to see his Mecklenburg Sun newspaper dated October 2, 2013. As I looked through it I noticed your great endorsement of Obamacare. You wrote a great article about Obamacare, a.k.a. the Affordable Care Act.

The President in the past made statements like: “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. Period.” He also promised lower premiums by $2,500. The President stated: “You can keep your doctor. Period.” He assured everyone that “Your health insurance will not be cancelled, “ and made other allegations that are now seen as false.

Let’s fast forward to the present. Millions of individual policies have been cancelled by health insurance companies. This phenomena is called transformation. The administration cannot blame the insurance companies since if there is a penny change in the policy it no longer qualifies for ACA.

Furthermore, a major news organization told of a report, which refers back to 2010 that the administration KNEW the statements they made were not consistent with reality.

On June 17, 2010 it was reported in the Federal Registry on page 34,552 that 93-plus million people will lose their health insurance!

Question for you, sir: Where is your reporting on that fact? Or better said, where is the media reporting on this prior to the 2012 re-election of the President?

Currently the government has spent $630-plus million on a website that does not work!

A no-bid contract was awarded to a Canada firm, which involves a close friend of Mrs. Obama. It is very interesting that the government could not find one American firm competent enough to bid for the contract. Will you please explain how that happened?

The administration has been selling the ACA during the past three years, and even today, the majority of the people do not want the government-provided health insurance. Why is that?

All this can be explained by the pesky Economics 101 subject called supply and demand. And that leads me to a related subject – Education. In the past 59 years how many Republicans were involved in education?

In 2012, the USA spent $897.23 billion on education. What did we get for it? The best way to illustrate this is the visit of President Obama to a school, where he asked a student what is 1+1, and followed by asking what is 2-1, and the child could not answer either question. So the President said something to the fact that deduction is harder than addition.

When leaders in the media say things like, we will reduce the number of doctors and their pay (supply) and increase the number of patients (demand) and no one questions the validity of the statement, there is a fundamental issue nobody is talking about. When supply and demand is turned upside down, the cost will go down.

It is obvious that Economics 101 is not taught and people just believe everything that they hear.

In your article you stated, “Once people figure out how the system works, they’re going to be shocked by all the cynical lies they’ve been fed about Obamacare.” (I assume you meant lies said by Republicans.)

Could you tell us, sir, who actually propagated the real cynical lies?

In closing, Vladimir Lenin stated: “Socialized Medicine is the Keystone to the Arch of a Socialist State.”

I am eager to hear from you.

S. Juhasz


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