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Take a stand? / April 10, 2014

Dear Viewpoint:
Homosexuality and same-sex marriage is a topic constantly being debated in today’s culture. This debate has now reached our very own state. Supporters of same-sex marriage aim to redefine homosexuality as an act morally right in the eyes of God. As Christians, we are to take a stand against same-sex marriage and defend God’s design for marriage. So why is it, when we seem to take a stand or speak out against this subject we are told that we are being intolerant of others. This is not so. We are to love the sinner but hate the sin. Many advocates of same-sex marriage argue that it could never hurt anyone, but that is not the case. It does now and will in the long run have many effects on our society. Just to name a few, if same-sex marriage were legal in all 50 states, taxpayers would be required to subsidize homosexual couples and all employers would be forced to offer benefits to homosexual couples. Also, public and private schools across our country would be forced to teach that same-sex marriage and relationships are equivalent and no different from heterosexual relationships. This is already taking place in some of our schools today starting as early as kindergarten. It is amazing that our children cannot be taught the Bible or pray in school, but we can teach that homosexuality is okay and is just another form of lifestyle. Some of the long term effects on society include a decrease in marriage and falling birth rates. Science has proven that children are their best when raised by their married biological mother and father, and therefore legalizing same-sex marriage would officially give way to permanently motherless and fatherless families. Is this what we want for our generation and the generation to come? Proverbs 12:15 says, “The way of a fool seems right to him, but a wise man listens to advice.” We as Christians must confront the misguided not with anger, but with love. We must encourage them to walk in the way of the Lord and to follow his plan for marriage and relationships. Addressing the issue of homosexuality with anger is not God’s intentions. We are called to build up one another in Christ, not to judge them with malice as if we are any better than they are. The goal is not to make homosexuals heterosexual, because the opposite of homosexuality is holiness, not heterosexuality? Making heterosexuality the goal falls short of God’s plan. His plan is for us to lead people to Him and assure that the one who gave them life and who died for their sins is waiting with open arms for those who seek forgiveness. People must have the desire to change themselves, we cannot change them; but we can guide them in the way of truth. Are you going to take a stand for the Lord’s design regarding marriage, or are you going to step back and watch society indoctrinate its ways?

Your Women of Grace SS Class
Melissa Bates

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