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Comet girls get first cross country win of season





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Dear Viewpoint:

“Sometimes” - Fridays, today I want to share a true story with you, the names have been changed and this takes place in a beach community, I hope it touches your heart like it does mine. A set of twin girls, Reagan and Olivia were “left” at their “grannys” home one morning, no one knew this would be their new home, for things happen in life “sometimes” that are hard to understand. Their mother was experiencing problems that in a way she couldn’t control. Now Reagan and Olivia were beautiful little girls, on their first day at “grannys” they made a new friend, eight year old Alyssa, who is a spunky, wide awake child, became their best friend and Sarah, her Yorkshire terrier was a big hit with Reagan and Olivia. They would run and play and have the biggest time, one day as they played ball, the ball rolled over in “Mr. Crabby’s” hard, he was a sour man, as the girls stood looking at their ball resting at Mr. Crabby’s feet, they didn’t know what he would do. Well friends, a smile appeared on his face and he rolled the ball back to them and the next day, he started building a swing set for the girls and wouldn’t you just know it, the more Mr. Crabby and the girls became friends, the more Mr. Crabby likes “granny,” soon there were picnics at the beach, trips to the movies and Mickey D’s. Things could have gone very wrong in this “story of life,” but God led the way, hearts were touched, a “community” took Reagan and Olivia in to raise and by the way, today granny and Mr. Crabby have married and have custody of Reagan and Olivia and they are in God’s house each Sunday and Alyssa and Sarah are always close by. Always go with God, let him “write our story” and friends it will always have a happy ending.

Tim Anderson


Confusing argument

Dear Viewpoint:

I am somewhat confused by Jack Dunnavant’s letter to the editor in the June 17th edition of the newspaper.

Mr Dunnavant begins by beginning his letter by pointing out that Robert Hurt and that Attorney General Bill Mims are Republicans. Then he begins his diatribe about the ‘Dillion Rule’ which is the basis of the Attorney General’s ruling. He thens ends his letter by writing that he is a ‘loyal Republican’ but will vote for the Democrat for Governor.

His thought process would make sense if it was the Republican Party that controlled the state and created the Dillion Rule. However the fact is that the Dillion Rule was put into Virginia Constitution generations ago when the Democrats had complete control of state govenment.

His thought process might make sense also if the Attorney General had any power to make law or overturn Virginia’s laws. He does not, he can only advise on what appears to be the law. It is the role of the General Assembly to make law and the courts to interpret law and make sure it conforms to the Virginia Constitution.

Finally it is fasinating that the ‘loyal Republican’, Mr Dunnavant who has been very active in the fight opposing uranium mining would choose to oppose former Attorney General Bob McDonnell who had no vote on uranium. He instead will support Democrat Senator Deeds who had a chance to vote against uranium mining and chose instead to vote in favor of SB525.

Very confusing indeed!

Thank you,

Pat Barksdale

Chairman, Halifax Co. Republican Committee


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