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Tom McLaughlin

A model mayor

Let’s start out today with the sublime and then dive into the ridiculous:

Unspoken heritage

If at any point this past week you found yourself jumping on social media to urge a boycott of the South Hill Cinemas because the owner takes offense at the Confederate flag, or drove around the theater parking lot with your banner-waving friends, or — worse yet — spewed bile and hatred at a fellow human being, please, just stop: you are making yourself look like a jerk and a fool, and that’s the polite way of putting it.

Nowhere to go but up

While the rest of the world goes haywire seemingly on an hour-by-hour basis, this has been the summer of hope and expectation for us fans of the Chicago Cubs. Last seen winning the World Series in 1908, the Cubs may not be November contenders just yet, but terrific young players are percolating up through the system, the everyday lineup has been bolstered by canny trades and free agent signings, and the future is genuinely bright. If the season ended today, the Cubs would be in the playoffs — stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Yankees fans.

Perspectives of time

In the wake of the murders at Charleston's Emanuel CME church, you might think that catering to neo-Confederate sentiment would be a bad idea. State Senator Frank Ruff seems to think otherwise.

Hit and run

Pity the publicists for South Boston, whoever they may be. Life was humming along smoothly until last week some hit-and-run website pumped out a listicle (that’s what the Internet calls a bullet-point ranking that often as not involves kittens) that purported to expose Virginia’s worst criminal hotbeds. And our fair community landed in the No. 2 spot! Little ol’ South Boston, trailing Portsmouth but ahead of Norfolk. Locals on Facebook went bonkers. Oh no!

Let the good times roll

Well, by all accounts it was sensational Lakefest (says the guy who spent the past week at the beach). Oh, the woe that is humanity … and the rude awakening that comes after the end of vacation.

The ravages of fear

It’s odd, the things you come upon at the unlikeliest of moments. This week I pulled up at a traffic stop behind a neighbor and noticed for the first time the collection of bumper stickers splattered on the back of the family wagon. Theirs is a wonderful household in every way, so as you might expect, the tattooing of the vehicle conveys the family’s sense of whimsy and fun. One sticker in particular caught my eye: Love > Hate.

Home runs

Maybe it’s just the heat, but the world sure does feel unglued these days.

Twists in the road

A couple of weeks ago, the Halifax County Board of Supervisors convened for a regular monthly meeting and board members refrained from their usual moaning and kvetching. (For the supervisors this year, this seemed like a first.) To the extent any ill will was evident in the room, it mostly arose from the audience. A sore point was the state of the county’s roads. People have a right to complain.

Waiting in the wind

It’s amazing how calm everything seems to get during transitional periods— in Mecklenburg’s case, the pause between Jim Thornton’s departure for Isle of Wight County and the hiring of a new school superintendent to take his place. One suspects the School Board will set aside its fussin’ and fightin’ long enough to quickly lay the groundwork for a new superintendent search (although a School Board meeting this week to consider a consultant had to be cancelled for the lack of a quorum.)

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