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Clarksville gets more time for Cove Project

Auctioneer recalls tobacco’s heydey

Back when tobacco, the “golden leaf” of Virginia was a celebrated crop, and tobacco auctions were a festive occasion, no one was more celebrated than the market auctioneer.

Belk announces $3 billion sale to private equity firm

With the merger agreement, Belk says there are currently no plans to close any stores or cut any of the 1,300 jobs with the company’s corporate offices. Belk operates a…


Comets: Low-key, but ambitious

Coach, team will leave the talking for the field





Tom McLaughlin

How many more?

So: How many more times are we going to tell ourselves that nothing could have been done to prevent a gun tragedy?

Nowhere to go but up

While the rest of the world goes haywire seemingly on an hour-by-hour basis, this has been the summer of hope and expectation for us fans of the Chicago Cubs. Last seen winning the World Series in 1908, the Cubs may not be November contenders just yet, but terrific young players are percolating up through the system, the everyday lineup has been bolstered by canny trades and free agent signings, and the future is genuinely bright. If the season ended today, the Cubs would be in the playoffs — stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Yankees fans.

Perspectives of time

In the wake of the murders at Charleston's Emanuel CME church, you might think that catering to neo-Confederate sentiment would be a bad idea. State Senator Frank Ruff seems to think otherwise.

Twists and turns

We’re now in month three of the Trump Trolls America world tour and lookie here, Fox News has a new poll out: Donald Trump leads with 25 percent of the Republican vote, Ben Carson has 12 percent and Ted Cruz 10 percent. Add it up and you get 47 percent. How is it that 47 percent constantly pops up in right-wing numerology like in a bad horror movie where the same Tarot card is pulled out of the deck and everyone flees the room screaming in terror?

Last titan standing

Ever since last week’s Republican presidential debate Donald Trump has been saying mean things about Fox’s Megyn Kelly and some people seem to be mighty upset about it. I don’t understand why. Seriously. I mean, it’s not like Trump’s core complaint is untrue. He took to Twitter afterwards to complain about Kelly’s determination to embarrass him in front of a huge TV audience by bringing up his past statements, all quite crude, about women. Did the other candidates receive the same rough treatment from the Fox debate crew? I don’t think so.

So long, Angels

Well, that was fun.

A model mayor

Let’s start out today with the sublime and then dive into the ridiculous:

Unspoken heritage

If at any point this past week you found yourself jumping on social media to urge a boycott of the South Hill Cinemas because the owner takes offense at the Confederate flag, or drove around the theater parking lot with your banner-waving friends, or — worse yet — spewed bile and hatred at a fellow human being, please, just stop: you are making yourself look like a jerk and a fool, and that’s the polite way of putting it.

Hit and run

Pity the publicists for South Boston, whoever they may be. Life was humming along smoothly until last week some hit-and-run website pumped out a listicle (that’s what the Internet calls a bullet-point ranking that often as not involves kittens) that purported to expose Virginia’s worst criminal hotbeds. And our fair community landed in the No. 2 spot! Little ol’ South Boston, trailing Portsmouth but ahead of Norfolk. Locals on Facebook went bonkers. Oh no!

Let the good times roll

Well, by all accounts it was sensational Lakefest (says the guy who spent the past week at the beach). Oh, the woe that is humanity … and the rude awakening that comes after the end of vacation.

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