Comet girls tennis gets win over PE, fall to Magna Vista

Kate Bishop gets the return against Prince Edward Friday.

The Halifax County High School girls tennis team beat Prince Edward 7-2 Friday in South Boston.

“The games were hard fought, and with a little change in the momentum the final score certainly could have been very different,” coach Donna Hudson said. “Overall, it was one of the best nights of tennis we have had this season.”

Meredith Duffer at no. 5 and no. 6 Abby Baish pulled wins. Duffer won 6-1, 6-3; Baish won 6-0, 6-1.

At no. 4 Kate Bishop played a grueling three hours of tennis before sealing her win. Following a 6-6 tiebreaker Bishop took the 7-2 win.

“Kate was very evenly matched with her opponent,” Hudson said. “They were both fast and focused, and both were determined to stay in the game. They both played good tennis. They had long rallies with exciting exchanges that were a pleasure to watch.

Myah Forest, playing at no. 2 won 6-2; Alyssa Heddings and Christina Bruce at no. 1 and no. 3 played close matches but couldn’t pull out the win.

For doubles Hudson said this year, the team has been pairing no. 1 and no. 2; no. 3 and no. 4; and no. 5 and no. 6 – some teams use different formulas as did PE Friday. “We were a little leery of having Christina and Kate facing that fierce serve of their no. 1, but they handled it very well, and attacked from the net, and pulled off an 8-0 win,” Hudson said.

“The other Halifax doubles teams did the same, playing aggressively at the net and consistently from the baseline, and Alyssa and Myah won at no. 1 doubles 8-3; while Meredith and Abby won at no. 3 doubles 8-2. Three wins in doubles gave us an exciting 7-2 win for the night.”

“We expect another close match on Monday, when GW brings its team to Halifax. We won against them earlier in the season, but we had to play well to beat them. We go away on Wednesday to Martinsville, and then back to Randolph Henry Thursday.

Earlier, the Comet fell 6-3 at Magna Vista.

“This was a tough loss for us,” Hudson said. “We certainly are proud of the competitive level of play we are seeing from our girls though.

“The final score looks like we took a lopsided loss, but what we saw was matches that could easily have gone either way. We had good effort and a high level of play.”

Baisch at no. 6 picked up the win so stay undefeated. Hudson said Myah Forest and Kate Bishop at no. 2 and no. 4 respectively lost contested matches. “Both lost heartbreakers with scores of 6-8. I have no complaints about how either of these girls played. They had great effort, good execution, and played competitively until the last point. These were tense matches to watch, but the girls all enjoyed playing tennis at this level of competitiveness.”

Christina Bruce at no. 3 and Meredith Duffer at no. 5 played some of their best tennis, each losing 8-3. Hudson said between a forfeit at no. 1 and Baisch’s win the team needed to win all three doubles matches.

The girls played some determined tennis in the doubles but were able to claim only one win. Hudson said even the 8-2 loss on the no. 1 doubles was misleading; an 8-5 loss at no. 2 and an 8-6 win by the team of Duffer and Baisch comprised the balance of the scores.

“We got one more win in coubles on court 3, with Meredith Duffer and Abby Baisch,”Hudson said. “These two are just learning to play together, and they improved their team movement and communication to fight for a tough win. They won two, lost two, won two, lost two for a fierce match. They made adjustments at the right times, and made clutch shots at the right times, and pulled it out with an 8-6 narrow win.”

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