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Our abnormal normal

As we opine on important issues of the day, your humble columnist is constantly confronted by the dilemma of how to make big topics relevant to a local audience.

As we opine on important issues of the day, your humble columnist is constantly confronted by the dilemma of how to make big topics relevant to a local audience. Some days these problems just seem to take care of themselves. Monday was such a day. Reporting to work Monday morning, The Sun staff found several inches of water washing through […]

Handing out grades

Dear Viewpoint: Since I have 37 years of teaching in public schools, grading comes to mind. Jeff Dunson’s “Not all doom and gloom” response (Viewpoint, July 27) is an “A.” (I am old school and don’t use the inflationary A+ or 4.5 on a 4.0 scale). He showed due diligence and an accurate understanding of United States government policies throughout […]

That was me

Dear Viewpoint: In response to your July 20 Viewpoint letter, “No place at Lakefest,” I think I am the person whom Dan and Phyllis Moore are afraid of, but I am not 100 percent sure because we have never met. If so, the cause of “the profound fear” they felt was a Henry American Beauty in 22 cal. It is […]

Not all doom and gloom

Dear Viewpoint: The history of the United States is the history of the success of progressive government, particularly from the early 1900s on. Social and economic progress has resulted in improved lives for all Americans. Progressivism is enshrined in the “Commerce clause” of the Constitution, Article I, Section 8, clause 3, “To regulate Commerce… among the several States…” The government […]

Accident waiting to happen

  Dear Viewpoint: On Friday, July 15 at 4 p.m. I came upon the intersection of U.S. 58, Wooden Bridge Road, and Buggs Island Road, which is the intersection in front of the new Mecklenburg County High/Middle Schools. I wanted to make a left turn onto U.S. 58 westbound from Buggs Island Road, while at the same time there were […]

No place at Lakefest

  Dear Viewpoint: This year Lakefest promised to be hot and humid — regardless, we began our stroll down Virginia Avenue in the morning. Imagine the profound fear we felt when we spotted the long gun being held by someone in the booth across the Avenue. Near by a large display of Trump propaganda depicting ugly hate messaging was laid […]

Solar beats alternatives

  Dear Viewpoint: There is a massive 230K volt power line being proposed by Dominion Energy to run through Brunswick, Mecklenburg and Lunenburg counties, to provide power to the new Microsoft facilities in South Hill. Microsoft will bring jobs and additional tax revenue and this is good for the citizens of Mecklenburg County. The question that I have is why […]

Finally a response

  Dear Viewpoint: Well, finally I got a response from the left. Not much of one, but still a response. As always, all they can talk about is Jan. 6, 2021. No mention of the “peaceful” protests in Seattle, Portland, Milwaukee, Madison, etc. No mention of the destruction of churches in these cities and others, most recently in Maryland. And […]

Coming apart

  Dear Viewpoint: It’s been a while since I wrote anything for the newspapers. Most of this is due to being very busy with helping my 85-year-old mother transition to a nursing home facility which neither I nor my elderly brothers wanted to see happen, but it couldn’t be helped. The other reason for not writing is due to not […]

Home and away

In our newspapers this week, Don and Phyllis Moore of Clarksville offer a Viewpoint letter calling attention to an unwelcome presence at the Virginia Lake Festival — a vendor who saw fit to turn the occasion into a “Let’s Go Brandon” bacchanalia of political propaganda and grievance. In their letter, the Moores write that the vendor brought “a large display […]

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