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Killing America / July 31, 2020
Dear Viewpoint:

We are killing America, you and I. We are paying able bodied men not to work and paying poor mothers to have illegitimate children out of wedlock — and the more she has the more money she makes. All of this is being done with our hard-earned tax money under the guise of welfare which is supposed to make it okay, right? Wrong! This is not welfare, it is Foolfare and these unthinkable practices have become a cottage industry with second and third generation repeat offenders — and no end in sight. Imagine that family’s life of drugs, alcohol, violence, crime, prostitution and jail — on and on. Those poor children, through no fault of their own, will likely suffer an abusive home-life that forces them out onto the streets and into trouble. This so-called welfare system is nothing more than a crime breeding syndicate that has taken a particularly heavy toll on hard-working black families — and the black man has been made superfluous by government welfare checks. Is that any way to raise children? I think not. Is that any way to build a strong civilized society? Absolutely not! We are sowing the seeds that will eventually destroy this great nation. It is a crime against humanity — and you and I are paying for it.

Our God, the creator of all that is seen and unseen, has set forth certain natural and irrefutable laws to govern his creations, and through the years, mankind has discovered that these laws are necessary for peace, prosperity and harmony in a civilized society. To mankind, His crowning achievement, He has given dominion over all creation and He has furthermore established family as the basic building block for a civilized society. That is God’s law! Furthermore, marriage is a most holy estate sanctified and blessed by the almighty to promote healthy families charged with the proper care and upbringing of children. God also decreed that man must prosper by the sweat of his brow, for there is great dignity in honest toil and, furthermore, even the indolent must earn their own food. These well-established laws are true and self-evident and anyone who defies them is guilty of a sin against his neighbor, civilized society and God.

Destroy the family, destroy the nation! Through the ages, even despot kings, queens, tsars, and dictators realized the validity of that statement and they were smart enough to keep families together — only in America. Wake up America before it’s too late. The clock is ticking.

I was privileged to be raised in a home by and with good colored people back in the day when children were born in wedlock and expected to behave like civilized human beings. And whenever one of us boys stepped out of line Aunt Rose did not hesitate to tan our hind-parts with her ever-present dish towel. I loved those good people who helped raise me and especially Arthur Easley who taught me how to hunt and work at an early age, they were members of my family then and today. There were no black people back then, there were colored people and they didn’t cotton to being called black, either. Sadly, over the years political profiteers have stirred the racial pot, not for the common good, but to divide the races for personal gain — translated, votes.

Sadly today, nine out of ten black children are born out of wedlock. Everyone knows that it takes two good parents and a heap of community support to properly raise children. The money we spend on welfare would be better spent providing job skills and jobs for the poor and needy; that would strengthen poor families, cure obesity and diabetes 2, and repair our crumbling infrastructure.

So, who’s responsible here? The blame can be squarely laid at the feet of liberal politicians, black and white, who have sacrificed the poor and defenseless in a quid-pro-quo scheme for political gain (votes) — shame and double shame. They know that education and jobs will work; ah, but then the poor won’t need the politicians anymore. Therein lies the rub.

It is also disturbing to see how some people go out of their way to distort the facts regarding that most Uncivil War to suit their agenda. That war, like most wars, was fought over money, not slavery. From the very beginning, the more populated industrial North used burdensome tariffs and taxes to unfairly extort money from the agricultural South. There was even a northern effort to sell exclusive shipping rights on the Mississippi River to the French Canadians. The South relied on that river to move its agricultural goods and that monetary rift led the South to withdraw from the union, a move that was not prohibited by our Constitution or anything else. When the 12 Southern states withdrew legally from the union Lincoln attacked the South with 75,000 troops. For many years down South it was referred to as the War of Northern Aggression. ‘Tis the shame that cooler heads did not prevailed to prevent that tragic war from happening. All-told 650,000 young men, the cream of the crop on both sides, died in a senseless war that was so avoidable.

This latest unrest in the black community I see as a cry for help and it is my fervent hope and prayer that meaningful measures will be taken to heal our woes so that we can all work together to solve the serious worldwide issues that threaten all of us. Destroy the family — destroy the nation.

I have always taken great pride in the wonderful race relations we have enjoyed over the years in Halifax County. It speaks well of our people and we should rejoice in it — if others would only emulate us. I am, however, disturbed by the discord I see across our country and I pray that we are strong enough to weather this storm. The last thing we need from Washington and Richmond are more dictatorial edicts. Water seeks its own level and so will people of good will.

It is saddening that some take offense to our Civil War statue. Why? It was erected to honor those who died in that tragic war. Where’s the evil in that? I suppose it’s a feel-good liberal thing; like paying people not to work and killing the family. I know some of them mean well but they just don’t seem to understand human nature — work works. Ever see a liberal with a calloused hand?

Think back a few years ago when we were being asked to embrace “Entitlements”? That buzz word does not appear anywhere in our Constitution, Bill of Rights, or birth certificates. The only thing we Americans are entitled to is an equal opportunity and after that you are on your own — as it should be.

Dr. Martin Luther King expressed it this way: “A nation or civilization that continues to produce soft-minded men purchases its own spiritual death on the installment plan.”

Beware; there are forces at work out there that would destroy this great nation. We need to work together now more than ever to prevent that from happening. Wake up America before it’s too late!

God bless America and all Americans.

Jack Dunavant, Halifax

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