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This ain’t my first rodeo / August 24, 2020
Dear Viewpoint:
My, oh my, where is all the anger coming from? I write a very informative letter with not a hateful or disparaging word in it and the malcontents go ga-ga. That letter is a well thought out treatise on the moral decline taking place across the country today — which no one has attempted to refute: they simply want to attack the messenger. Now they're attacking our mayor. More than one childish diatribe took him to task for enforcing state corona- virus guidelines. Get a life.

Allow me to enlighten one and all about the proper protocol concerning governing body meetings. Our town is not obligated to offer public comment at these meetings. It has been customary here, but it is not required nor done by all. In the future, I feel certain that it will be restricted to town residents and merchants if need be — or it may not be offered at all. In hindsight, we made a mistake in setting aside time at our last meeting for that issue, the sole purpose of which was to remove me from office. That can be done only if I am found guilty of moral turpitude, which has nothing to do with turpentine or any other aromatic or intoxicating liquid. And let me state, here and now and for the record: This ain't my first rodeo and I ain't going anywhere! I have two years remaining until reelection and I will serve until the end. If, at that time, my constituents want me to run again, I will give that very serious consideration.

Issues raised in the newspapers should be addressed there, not at public town hall meetings. And common courtesy demands that speakers address the issues presented, instead of resorting to childish personal attacks on other people. At our last meeting, not a single speaker addressed the issues I raised. Who can argue with stronger two parent families? Some have privately questioned my use of the word "colored" which was the proper term during that time period. Well, what does the "C" in NAACP stand for?

At our August 11 meeting, thanks to the agitation of one organizer, things quickly degenerated to the point that many angrily refused to follow established social distancing guidelines. After order was restored and speakers were welcomed to the podium, one at a time, I was impressed by the demeanor of all the men who spoke. They were well behaved and there was no anger. Many of the women did likewise, however, at least half came with an angry attitude demanding this and that be done in the name of "unity." That does not bespeak of unity — they were angry, belligerent and insulting. Could that explain the high divorce rate today? Who would want to live with that? Personally, I do not know any women like that.

My goal, as it has always been, is to serve and give back to this community that I love so dearly — and nothing will deter me from that end. Those who know me, know where I stand: simply put, I love all people of good will — period. If, however, you are not of good will then you have me for an enemy. Come on folks, in these perilous and stressful times, we can do better than this. I implore one and all to come together and work for the common good.

Sincerely, Jack Dunavant

P. S. The prime agitators in all this happen to be an employee of the state, who surely should be reprimanded, and the two local newspapers who labeled me a racist, (more on that later). As stated many times before and as proven by my record, I am not a racist — I am a realist. The culpability of the Gazette in that regard, comes from young and still wet behind-the-ears employees. The News & Record's fault lies with Tom McLaughlin, a progressive-liberal who cut his teeth on Ivy League dogma bordering on Marxism. Even though we disagree, Tom and all the McLaughlins are family friends from way back and I still subscribe to and support both papers-- and wish them well. We need them. PEACE!!

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